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We love the idea that you are practicing your passion as your profession (we do it everyday!) but many business owners often lose sight of the fact that they are still running a business, and that they need to do more than provide great instruction and customer service to build a sustainable one.

The business of yoga is exploding in the U.S., with practitioners spending more than $27 Billion annually on yoga products. Wow! What’s even more incredible is that demand for yoga has increased 50 percent in just the last few years, so there’s definitely a lot of opportunity. But as we all know, with great opportunity comes fierce competition, and the yoga business is no exception. Here’s a few yoga marketing tips to help you stay ahead of the competition this year:

1. Capturing contact information is key

Bottom line, you must capture your students’ contact information. We know, it’s sometimes hard to do, especially when it’s busy. However, it is extremely important. When a new student comes in to try out your yoga studio, make sure you get their contact information, email address and/or mobile phone number, and store it in a safe place (not just on a paper sign-in slip). If you fail to capture new students as they come in and they walk out the door, you’ll never have a way to send them marketing messages or offers to encourage them to return.

Note: If you haven’t been doing this all along, start by capturing the contact information of all your students when they come in for their next class. If they ask why just explain that you’d like to be able to keep in touch to send special offers or alert them of any cancellations or closings that may occur. 

2. Offer incentives to your students

Give discounts or free sessions to new students who pre-register online - It’s true that most regular yoga practitioners just pop into classes without signing up in advance, but that doesn’t mean you should want them to. Pre-registering not only makes students more likely to show up when it’s time for class, but it also gets them in the habit of responding to promotions you send them through email, Facebook and so on. Getting your students used to signing up for classes online will help out when it comes time to promote your big yoga retreat or new membership options, you students will already know how and be ready to take action.

3. Encourage students to bring friends

Offer guest passes or special offers to members so their friends can try out your classes too. Think about it this way, if you made plans with a friend to attend yoga class this week you are much less likely to cancel after a long day at work, right? So strive to make your classes a social experience. Friends strengthen each other's commitment to keep coming back, and your students will be much more likely to attend a workshop or retreat if their friends come too.



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