'Hacking Marketing': Use Tech to Focus on The User Experience

April 11, 2016 Peter Krasilovsky

You may have never written a line of computer code in your life.  But without consciously realizing it, you have probably customized and implemented some software for your business marketing.   It’s software every time you:


  • Put into motion an automatic listings update for your location
  • Have gathered online reviews and responded to them
  • Put your products in a database to allow for direct comparisons
  • Send an offer to a user’s mobile phone based on their location
  • Have managed your customer list

Technologist Scott Brinker, in his new  book, “Hacking Marketing,”  notes that software now drives a great deal of business marketing. In fact, the roles of software and marketing have begun to merge in many places.

“MarTech” programs such as “marketing automation campaigns, programmatic advertising logic, and interactive content are effectively a new layer of software – authored by marketers,” says Brinker. ”Software is modern marketing’s middleman.”

A key part of the new equation is the ability to drive user experiences.  “Marketing has expanded from the design and delivery of communications to the design and delivery of experiences,” notes Brinker. “Experience is the battlefield of modern marketing

Feedback from those experiences allow businesses to adjust their marketing in real time,  leading to more effective sales results.  Accordingly,  the new mantra of marketing is “test, test, test,” says Brinker. 

“Testing and data” now take precedence over “opinions and conventions,”  Brinker adds, “Because we can run small, low-risk tests, we don’t have to rely on gut level judgements to decide what the best approach is for a given marketing tactic."

Most businesses, of course, won’t consciously be applying the lessons of MarTech into their marketing. But in developing your marketing programs, perhaps in partnership with your agency, it will certainly pay to think about whether you are focused on real time results from your efforts, and adjusting for success – just like software companies do in Silicon Valley.

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