3 Tips for Local Salons to Generate Repeat Customers

repeat customers

When it comes to salon marketing, it’s easy for owners to caught up on only focusing on attracting new clients. More clients = more revenue. Completely valid thought-logic here.

While bringing in a steady stream of new clients is always important, making sure existing clients return and don’t switch to a competitor is equally important. In fact, many local salon owners have come to find that acquiring customers can be 6x more expensive than simply trying to get current ones to return more frequently. In addition to that, returning customers spend about 67% more than new customers per transaction. That’s why, it’s no surprise that one of the single greatest factors that will determine long-term success for any salon is customer retention. Below are three simple marketing ideas to promote repeat customers at your salon and keep things busy around the clock.

1. Get Clients to Rebook Before They Actually Leave:

Booking a client’s next appointment while they are still in the salon is one of the most common practices used by hair stylists, but it’s not always easy to get clients to commit to their next appointment on the spot. For the highest chance at success, explain to your client when you’ll want to see them again in order to “maintain their look.”

Try something like this: “I’ll need to see you again in 6 weeks or that color is going to fade. How does the week of July 27th look for you?” If the client responds by saying they will just call in when it gets closer, tell them to make sure they book at least 3 weeks ahead of time to make sure they can get in. Even if you aren’t that busy, a comment like that can sometimes encourage the client to save his or herself the hassle of remembering to rebook, and instead may just book on the spot.

2. Email Your Clients with Upcoming Openings:

No matter the tactics you use for getting clients to rebook before they leave, there will always be those clients who are just not willing to commit to their next appointment right away. Make sure you have every client's email address so you can communicate with them in between appointments. When it gets closer to the time that this given client should repay you a visit, consider sending them an email reminder to alert them that it’s time to come back in again. Consider suggesting some upcoming openings that might work with their schedule. Make it easy for your clients.

3. Offer Limited-Time Specials to Clients Who Haven’t Re-booked in a While:

Another way to encourage repeat business is to offer enticing specials. While you don’t want to discount your service for clients who would have already come in and paid full price on their own, there are definitely some tactics you can use to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck, so to speak.

When you have openings in the next few days (either because someone canceled/rescheduled or just when business is slower), send out a limited-time promotion to clients who don’t have an upcoming appointment scheduled yet.


Send out a "welcome back" promotion. For clients who haven’t paid you a visit in a while, let them know that you miss their patronage and that you’re willing to give a little just to get them back.

Marketing your salon to existing clients is crucial to growing and maintaining a successful business. Competition is literally right around the corner, so always make sure you are taking every opportunity to bring clients back. If all of this sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry! We’ve built a solution for that - Frederick.

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