4 Best Ways to Get the Word out on Your Salon Promotional Ideas

salon promotional ideas

As a local salon owner you probably already know how opportunistic the start of school can be for your business. You have the first day of school that everyone wants to look their best and even school picture day, which typical falls during the end of September through mid October. For both of these events it’s pretty unanimous that students and teachers alike always want to look their best. Plus you even capitalize on the added bonus of parents bringing their kids in and figuring they might as well book an appointment for while they’re there since they’ll be at the salon anyway.

Because of the massive opportunity ahead of you, we’ve already shared with you a slew of Back-to-School/Fall promotional ideas in order to attract as many customers as possible this fall. Now, although these advertising and marketing ideas are extremely useful, you can consider them a ‘step one.’ The next step you need to consider in order to truly make the most of your salon promotional ideas is how you’re going to distribute them. You need to contemplate what are the best ways for you to communicate with your customers and drive them through your doors.

We’re obviously not going to leave that open ended for you. Instead, let’s go through the 4 best ways for you to communicate fall promotional ideas with your clients.

1. Text Message Marketing

A new, fresh way many salons are starting to turn to for interacting with their clients is text messaging. Normally when you think about text messaging you see it as a means for communicating with your friends. However, numerous local businesses are starting to find it’s also an extremely effective way for communicating with clients. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by Business2Community about 99% of text messages sent by local businesses were opened by the designated consumer. This does make sense. We are always on our phones, so a text message is pretty hard to miss.

Especially if you’re trying to push your salon promotional ideas in front of a younger audience for the back-to-school season, text messaging may be a new means of communication that your salon should consider exploring.

2. Create Your Own Salon App

Going along with the new push toward and overall success of text message marketing, it’s pretty safe to say that today’s day and age is undoubtedly a mobile one. Those of the millennial generation pretty much always have their eyes glued to their cell phones. I mean, can you really blame them? There’s really nothing you can’t do on your smartphone. These days there’s legitimately a mobile app for almost anything — so why not one for your salon?

A branded salon app is a great, innovative way for you to stand out from the competition and get back to school salon promotions in front of your clients. With a branded salon app, clients should be able to access everything they can from your website like info on services and rates. A really good salon app should even grant clients the ability to book appointments straight from the app itself.

3. Utilize the Heck out of Social Media

According to a 2016 poll conducted by Statista about 78% of the U.S. population uses social media. To put that into perspective that’s roughly 248.8 million people. It can be hard sometimes for small businesses to get their promotional ideas or materials in front of a large audience, but social media helps alleviate that. Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a great way for you to put your salon promotional ideas in front of new, potential clients — especially if you’re trying to open the conversation with a younger, millennial audience considering that about 71% of millennials use social media on a daily basis.  

The major four you definitely want to consider utilizing are…

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Instagram

4. Pinterest

Twitter is great for getting a quick, concise statement out there. Conversely Facebook, and especially Instagram and Pinterest are a perfect for sharing any visually aesthetic promotional materials. Most people prefer to digest information quickly, and everyone knows a photo is worth a 1000 words. Upload pictures of some of your finest works. Don’t be modest, show off some of your back-to-school or school picture day bests.

4. Email Marketing

I’m sure you’re fairly acquainted with good ol’ Mr. reliable — email marketing. Businesses of all sizes, both big and small, use emails as a primary means for communicating with their customers. There’s a reason so many businesses do and to be direct about it — it’s because it works.

An astonishing 72% of Americans have an email account and use it on a regular basis. It’s what many Americans use to connect them with the world, but more importantly their favorite businesses. It’s one of the most normalized form of communication between businesses and customers. So, if you choose to send out your salon promotional ideas via email, you can rest assured that it’s through a medium clients will be looking out for them on.


Excited to start trying out some of these communication tools to get the word out about your salon promotional ideas? Learn all the ways Frederick can help you along with that process!

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