Building Customer Loyalty: 3 Ways Local Barber Shops Can Start for Father’s Day

building customer loyalty for local barber shops

He gives us his attention, his strength, and his protection. He’s your biggest support system, your number 1 hero -- he’s your dad. For as long as we can remember, our dads have always been there to give us anything we need. Father’s Day is that special day we get to give back -- and trust me, as consumers, we really show dad the love.

Last year, the National Retail Federation estimated Father’s Day spending to hit about 12.7 billion in the United States, with about 16.9% of those profits coming specifically from local businesses. So, what does all of this mean for you? Well, if you're a local business owner for a male-centric business such as a barbershop (wink, wink) -- Father’s Day represents an opportunity for your shop to make a serious summer surplus.

Though the profits will be rolling in during June, the surge ends pretty quickly. Once mid July comes around you need to figure the last few gift card redeemers will be trickling in. An easy way for local barber shops to fully capitalize on the influx of Father’s Day customers and keep the surge alive well through the summer is by building customer loyalty through a simple loyalty program. Loyalty programs work to make building customer loyalty easy by giving your customers incentives for coming back to your shop.

Need a little inspiration for your local barber shop’s loyalty program ideas? Look no further! Give one of these 3 loyalty programs a try during the Father’s Day season at your barber shop to start building customer loyalty.


1. Punch Cards

This is a basic, yet extremely effective method local barber shop can use for building customer loyalty during the times leading up to and concluding Father’s Day.

Step 1: Establish how many punches equal a reward. Try and keep it to a clean number. Multiples of 5 are usually a popular choice.

Step 2: Once you’ve chosen your number of punches, choose what the rewards will be. For example it can be something like -- $20 off next visit, half off next visit, or maybe even next visit free. Choose a reward that’s a mix between something you can afford and that will be alluring to customers.

Step 3: Hand them out like candy. A customer buys a gift bundle for dad? Give them a punch card with their purchase. Dad comes in to redeem his gift card? Give him a punch card with the purchase. The more people who get their hands on your punch cards, the more success you will be at building customer loyalty and generating repeat customers.

2. Points Systems

Creating a points system is another great method for local barber shops to keep customers coming back well after Father’s Day.

Step 1: Begin by choosing which specific actions will earn customers points. For example, some actions you might deem point worthy could be: making a customer referral, booking a visit through your app, appointments made during birthday month, etc.

Step 2: Start to assign point values to each action. It’s definitely recommended to make point denotations clean. For instance, you might want your setup to look something like this:

Customer Referral = 500 points

Each appointment booked through salon app = 250 points

Appointments made for birthdays = 300 point

Give whichever action is most important to you the highest amount of point value.

Step 3: Lastly, list out possible rewards and denote point values to each. For example, perhaps once a customer acquires 1500 points they are eligible for a $15 gift certificate. Keep the rewards tangible and enticing. By doing this you will give incentive for all Father’s Day customers to return in order to keep building points and thus claim their reward(s).

3. VIP Tiers

The last loyalty program you might consider implementing in order to keep the Father’s Day surge going strong at your local barber shop is a vip tiers program. This program is easy to setup and greatly motivates repeat business as customers are eager to jump to more lucrative tiers.

Step 1: First establish how many tiers you want to have. If you want to keep things basic a good place to start is 3. If you’re looking to get a little more involved you could shoot for something like 5.

Step 2: The next things you want to do is pick out some rewards. They can be anything from $5 off one visit, to buy one gel get the second one half off, all the way to get one visit half off. Once you’ve picked a few out arrange them into tiers by most valuable. So, if you choose a 3 tiered VIP program your barebones setup might look something like this:

Bronze Members: 1 visit $5 off per month

Silver Members: Buy one product get second half off (one redeem per month)

Gold Members: 1 visit half off per month

It’s vital that you assign the frequency of reward redemption. Again, think of rewards that make sense for you barber shop to do and ones that are alluring to customers.

Step 3: Once you’ve established your tiers simply assign spending amounts or number of visits to each. For example, perhaps in order to be acknowledged as a bronze member at your barber shop a customer must visit your shop at least twice a month and/or spend $150 (for this one it’s important you’re keeping track of your customer records!!). Always make the requirements lucrative for you, and keep the rewards enticing for customers. This helps guarantee that you're building customer loyalty while reaping the benefits from repeat patronage... AND your customers feel they're getting rewarded/special treatment.


Ready to start building customer loyalty and using loyalty programs at your barber shop? See how Frederick can help you out!

                       building customer loyalty for local barber shops

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