School Portraits: Salon Marketing Tips to Attract Students

Salon Marketing Tips

In today’s picture-obsessed world, there’s no person that’s ready to settle for a school portrait fail. This is where your salon comes in. You’re there to save every kid from a bad hair day, a bad blow out, or even terrible haircut.

salon marketing tips

So, what are you doing to attract these students back to your salon? When it comes to marketing to millennials, there are a few things you should know, and they range from taking advantage of word of mouth to utilizing your social media. Let’s go through three easy ways to attract younger clients to your salon this fall, just in time for school portraits.

  1. Social Media

With 71% of millennials glued to their social media accounts, you can’t ignore the power behind a tweet or a post. In order to truly capture your audience, make sure you’ve set up all of your accounts. I know we’ve said this before, over and over again, but it’s worth repeating.

Check over the following major social platforms and make sure you’ve created an account:

Create posts filled with other millennials who have received styles at your salon and be sure to create some fun Instagram Stories. When it comes to using social media, you’ve got to think like a millennial. Post consistently, keep your visuals clear and high quality, and make sure you’re following the very important rule of thirds: promote, converse, and share!

  1. Online Directories

Along with being present on social media, also make sure you’re listed on both Google and Yelp, the two biggest online directories for locals businesses. Along with recommendations from their friends and families, millennials rely on their online research to figure out the best places to go for their hair treatments.

Just make sure that the information you’ve provided on your directories is accurate, and that you’ve linked up your social media accounts and your website.

Pro tip: Time to start beefing up your online reviews and testimonials. 88% of customers rely on online reviews and recommendations before ever stepping foot inside a store – hopefully you’ve got enough reviews to convince your new customers that you’re the place to go.

  1. Promotions

What’s the best way to target millennials during their school photos? Create special promotions built especially for them. Need some ideas?

  • How about a free add-on treatment for all students who present a valid school id?
  • A 10% discount for all students who share their hair style, treatment, or cut on their social media.
  •  A loyalty program built specifically for students, with special VIP deals and product discounts
  • Refer a friend promotion, get a free future style for every friend or family member brought in

Regardless of what you choose for your promotions, design it so you can get the most mileage out of your marketing efforts toward these students. Not only do you want to attract them to your salon for a one-time treatment, but you want to make sure that they come back and become your frequent regulars!

salon marketing tips

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