Self Care is the Best Healthcare to Combat Stress

There are a number of emotional, cognitive, physical and behavioral symptoms of stress; memory loss, poor judgment, anxiety and agitation, aches and pains, frequent illness, poor sleeping and eating habits. And stress can be caused by many minor to major incidents; being too busy, financial struggles, children, family or major life changes. It is no wonder that stress impacts everyone.

Though stress is universal, stress can be combatted by self care. Massage therapy and fitness have been commonly known to help combat stress and improve mental state. Taking care of ones physical appearance by visiting the salon or getting a rejuvenating facial can also help alleviate stress by focusing on ones self care.

Take this opportunity, during Stress Awareness Month, to focus on your customers health and wellness. Be an advocate to your customers well being and self care.  


With Frederick you can:

  • Send an email providing tips and tricks on combatting stress in a healthy manner.

  • Send promotional offers for services that best provide stress relief.

  • Send service reminders to customers who may not have visited your business in some time.

Want to know more ways Frederick can help? You can sign up for a 14 day free trial or contact one of our representatives.


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