3 Package and Membership Marketing Ideas Every SMB Needs to Know

membership marketing ideas

Offering new and loyal customers a package deal or membership in exchange for their continual commitment to your business is one of the most effective ways to spend your marketing dollars. Repeat customers should be every business’ goal.

Typically, in the long run, it costs businesses 6 times less to simply create a package or membership deal, over paying for advertisements to bring in new business. In addition to this, repeat customers spend approximately 67% more per transaction than first-timers. So, yes, through package deals and memberships you can save your business money on the marketing front and add more dollars to your wallet per transaction - it’s really a win-win!

Looking for some inspiration to create enticing package or membership deals at your business? Don’t stress - we’ve got you covered. Here are 3 great package and membership  marketing ideas to keep your schedule full and your clients happy--


1. VIP Memberships - Who doesn't enjoy feeling like a VIP? Give your customers the VIP treatment they deserve, especially to the customers that continue showing loyalty to your business. This goes along a more tiered rewards program (that works in conjunction with a points system) in which you can include additional and special rewards for the most frequent and loyal clients. So, depending on how much a customer spends or how frequently they visit puts them in a specified bracket with varying rewards. Obviously the more they spend/visit the better the rewards should become for them. Always keep things tempting - consider offering exclusive discounts, special treatment, priority booking and more!

2. Buy 1, Get 1 Free (aka BOGO) - Offering your clients buy-one-get-one specials can be a great way to not only fill up your books, but can also be a great way for motivating clients to bring their friends with them! Big deals generate big buzz, and clients will be inclined to share the good news with their friends.

Additionally, consider making this explosive deal an annual thing, maybe every six months. You can choose two months out of the year that perhaps things are little slow to juice things up a bit. By making these sales a timely thing, it motivates customers to continuously return to your business in anticipation for the big deal they know you’ve got cooking. At the very least customers will certainly return every six months when your special bogo goes into effect.

3. Service Packs - One of the most common (and still most effective) tactics to catch customers’ attention is to offer a service pack at a somewhat discounted rate. For example a bundle of 10 services is 10% less than purchasing the given service 10 individual times. This is a great tactic for promoting repeat customers at your business as they will want to use their package to it’s entirety. Not only do customers get a discount, and continuously return to your business, but you’re also winning in the sense that you are being paid upfront, and in advance. So, if customers do finish out their package - win. If not… you’ve already been paid for the services.


Inspired by our package and membership marketing ideas? Ready to start selling packages and memberships at your business? Check out how Frederick can help!

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