3 Reasons All Small Businesses Should Explore Text Message Marketing

text message marketing

Can you imagine your life without your smart phone? For many Americans that’s an inconceivable thought. In today’s day and age our cell phones are essentially an extension of our bodies. We feel naked without them. Think about how many times you use your cell phone per day to surf the web, shoot out a text, play a game, answer an email, share a funny picture, stalk your friend’s social media pages; I'll stop here but we can go on and on. That list may be long but the bottom line here is short — we are always on our cell phones.

Now, for many of you this probably isn’t particularly groundbreaking news; however, something you may find pretty shocking is that roughly 3.5 billion text messages are sent and received every day. Yes, you read that right — “every.day.” That’s an absurd amount of text messages. This is exactly the reason why so many small and local businesses are turning their attention toward a new means of communications with customers — text message marketing. It’s the new, upcoming way for small businesses to communicate and advertise to their customers.

Curious if text message marketing is right for you? Read on for the 4 biggest reasons why every small business should experiment with text message marketing.

1. Spend Less Time with Promotional Messaging 

When polling small business owners, what do you think was one of the biggest obstacles they all seem to face? In terms of marketing and communications with customers, a unanimous answer among all was always lack of time. Many small business owners just don't have the time to type up promotional emails or advertisements (even when they know they should). You’ve got customers that need servicing, totally understandable. Luckily text message marketing works to…

a) Save you time on messaging. Text message is a way of brief communications. We’re talking a line or two max! These save you time on having to craft long, compelling messaging. You can simply keep things brief and to the point.

b) Save your customers time. Having a limited amount of time on hand is not solely a problem for just small business owners. EVERYONE has that problem, trust me. Many consumers shy away from lengthy, long winded promotions. No one has to time to read a long paragraph. Text message communications are equally attractive to your customers because it’s a simple, quick read for them.

Save yourself time on writing. Save your customers time on reading. Send a text message.

2. Highest Open Rates  

When it comes to communications with customers, if you’re like most business owners the first thought that pops into your head is probably — email. Now by no means is email marketing a bad source of communications. It’s not! For a long time, email marketing has been the easiest, most effective way for businesses of all sizes to directly communicate with their customers. However, a major issue many businesses face with email marketing is low open rates. To put it into perspective, on average, only 28-33 percent of company emails are actually read by consumers.

3. Most Effective Way To Get the Word Out

If you’re looking for a way to drive more customers to specific links like let's say special offers and/or last minute openings, text message marketing is the best way for your small business to do so.

Not only does text message marketing hold the highest open rates, but it also has been found to hold the highest click-through-rates. In fact text message marketing has a click-through-rate of close to 40%. Now, at a first glance that may not seem SO impressive, but considering the average email click-through-rate is 6-7%, 40% is a pretty big deal. You can use this high click through rate to effectively get the word out on things like…

a) Special Offers. You spend a lot of time crafting compelling, enticing offers. So, once you create them you want your customers to know about it. Use text message marketing to quickly blitz out any special offers you have going on.

b) Last Minute Openings. Text message marketing can help you fill up an empty space in your schedule fast. Stop losing money on empty seats and idle employees. You can use text messaging to quickly inform customers of last minute openings in your staff’s schedules.


Interested in trying text message marketing at your business? See how Frederick can help your business get started for free!

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