3 Reasons Your Customers Cheat with the Competitor Next Door

The days have really just been dragging. You find yourself frequently glancing at the clock. Your appointments book is barren. Your seats are empty. Your staff are sick of cleaning the storefront - it’s sparkling at this point. Where are all your customers? Did you accidently leave the “Closed” sign up? No. So, why does it feel like you’re the sheriff of a ghost town?

You open the curtains to let in a little light… and you see it. Feelings of anger and utter confusion instantly flood your body. Why are all YOUR customers lined up outside the door of your competitor? What’s going on!?

For many small business, the competition for customers can be fierce. If you’ve noticed a slow in customers at your business, here are the 3 top reason they might be cheating on you with the competition:

1. Utilizes Social Media--

One reason your customers could potentially be choosing your competitors over you is because they’ve been utilizing popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media helps small businesses talk to their customers where they are, on their turf. As of this year there are approximately 1.23 billion users on Facebook, 645 million on Twitter, and 400 million on Instagram. This is a huge pool of potential customers for small businesses to reach. And small businesses have begun tapping into that massive audience. In fact, 78% of small businesses now report generating at least a quarter of their new customers via social. You’re competition may be starting to draw in more customers via social media by:

  • Engaging customers with thought provoking statuses
  • Showcasing their business and their expertise through photos
  • Highlighting any new promotions and specials
  • Allowing customers to book appointments straight from their social pages

2. Utilizes Online Business Directories--

If your competitor has been directing customers to popular online business directories such as Google and Yelp, this could act as a substantial edge they have over your business. When looking for the perfect local business, there is arguably nothing more attractive to a potential customer than positive business reviews. Customers may not always be willing to listen to your advertisements but they always care about what fellow consumers have to say. In fact, 88% of customer look to online reviews for connecting them with local businesses before ever stepping foot into a brick-and-mortar. So, if your competitors are getting savvy, and getting customers to post online reviews - you may be at a bit of a disadvantage.

3. Offers Online Booking Options--

Convenience is king. It’s the most influential factor when it comes to customers booking with your business. Online booking capabilities gives the power to the customer. They’re no longer bound to your hours.

Your customers don’t operate on a 9 - 5 schedule, and neither should your business. If your competitor offers customers online booking options they’ve essentially turned their business into a 24/7 operating machine. Most people are busy during the day with work and it’s difficult to break away and make a call for an appointment. With online booking capabilities your competitor grants its customers the luxury of booking appointments even when their business is physically closed. Their customers can book appointments at 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning - whenever, and wherever works best from them.


Check out how Frederick can help you take back your customers and take down your competition!

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