3 Tips On How Auto Repair Shops Can Increase Business When Times Are Slow

Auto shops can be very busy places. Employees have to attend to many different duties including, but not limited to, customer repair status inquiries, estimates and approvals, part sourcing, delivery arrangements and much more. Adding new responsibilities to an already overloaded staff is not acceptable. Yet improving customer relationships and building market credibility is extremely important to the success of the business.

Increasing Repeat Business Tip #1 - Customer Referrals
Make sure that every customer that comes into your shop is 100% satisfied and is fully informed about any repairs you performed on their car and anything that you noticed needs to be repairs. Every customer that leaves your shop satisfied has the potential to tell their friends and family about the great service your provide. On average, this can cost 6-7x less than acquiring new customers. So go that extra mile because at the end of the day, that extra mile ends up being a lot shorter than you think, and can be extremely rewarding.

Increasing Repeat Business Tip #2 - Positive Online Presence
You hear all the time from friends, family, and co-workers about the horrible experiences that they’ve had with their local auto repair shops. Offering an easy way for your customers to leave positive online reviews can be one of the best ways to generate more business. Similar to traditional word-of-mouth reviews, online reviews help potential customers trust your auto repair shop and make them feel comfortable about handing over their vehicle to you. The more reviews that are published, the more credibility you build in your local area.

Increasing Repeat Business Tip #3 - Seasonal Promotions
Many customers understand that they should get their vehicle checked out by their local auto repair technician before taking that summer road trip or as the weather starts to cool down before the snow starts to fall. Creating regular promotions around these seasonal repairs can generate new customers and more sales from existing customers.

Of course, it’s easy enough to try and upsell a customer on a seasonal promotion when they’re already in your shop for service. However, real results to your bottom line can be made when you reach out to existing customers via email blasts and to prospective customers via social media and direct mail.

Using some kind of automated marketing solution at your auto repair shop can help you easily communicate with your customers and build a positive online presence. Building that positive online presence will help acquire new customers and build credibility in the market with online reviews to help your auto repair shop stand apart from your competition. In addition, this solution should ideally help to promote declined services, encourage customers to provide feedback on their recent visit, and send out email or text message to incentivize return visits and help customers remember to schedule maintenance appointments.


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