3 Ways Auto Repair Shops Can Increase Repeat Business

repeat business

With the rise of competitors and dealerships taking over the auto repair market, we understand that you are always on the hunt to figure out the best methods for keeping  your shop full at all times. While you might think that converting people you don’t know into customers might be the answer, this is typically the most expensive approach. As a less expensive, more effective starting point, we recommend marketing that reaches out to the people who have already done business with you.

Here are 3 marketing ideas for auto repair shops to help increase repeat business.

Increasing Repeat Business Tip #1 - Customer Reviews

Don’t hesitate to ask your customers for feedback. As we discussed earlier this year, your customers are everything to your business.

Reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook are great because they can indirectly act as a word-of-mouth referral. If I see two check-ins or reviews from my personal friends at the local auto repair shop, I’m more inclined to trust that business over one I’m not connected with at all.

Increasing Repeat Business Tip #2 - Text Message Marketing

Text marketing has been around for years, but many small businesses haven't had access to this amazing marketing channel due to the complexities and legalities of running an effective text marketing program.

Text marketing can help you book more appointments, fill open slots and grow revenue with clever marketing campaigns your customers will love. Not having a substantial amount of  cell phone contact information on  your customers may be a concern for you. Lucky , Frederick automatically helps you build your opt-in list and targets clients who want to hear from you! We’ll go into more detail on this in a later blog post. (Be sure to sign up for our free blog subscription so you don’t miss out!)

Increasing Repeat Business Tip #3 - Customer Referrals

There’s no shame in actively growing your business through your existing network. On average, this can cost 6-7x less than acquiring new customers. Make it known to your customers when you see them that you’d greatly appreciate a referral, or better yet, use an automated marketing tool like Frederick to automatically send them referral requests via email or text.

When you get new customers referred to you, make sure you send the person who made the referral a note or even a coupon offering them a percentage off their next visit as a thank you. It gives your customers even more reason to keep referring your business . Remember, as long as you continue to delight your loyal customers, they’ll return the favor.


Focusing your marketing efforts on your existing customer base is a great way for auto repair shops to increase their word-of-mouth business. Keep providing quality service, stay in touch with your customers through email and text messages, and always go out of your way to keep  your customers happy. Building this positive connection with your customers makes them see you as a trusted partner and keeps your auto repair shop at the top of their minds.


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