4 Benefits of Online Booking for your Spa

As a spa owner, giving the best possible relaxing experience to your customers is your number one priority. You went off on your own because you understand how important your work is and you want to help the people around you. You understand the ins and outs of a spa business and you know you can offer up the best services. 

However, when it comes to actually running your business, are you doing everything to optimize your operations? If you’re still stuck in the old system of using pen and paper, you might not realize all the benefits that online booking could offer your spa. Read on for 4 benefits of online booking that you may have overlooked! 

Appointment and Scheduling Management
Those days that you’re completely slammed with appointments, answering calls and figuring out cancellations, it almost seems like you’re doing the work of an entire team. However, you’re a small business owner, that means limited resources. There are many advantages to having an online booking option for your spa. For all the appointments you’ve got to manage, why not let a software take care of the heavy lifting? With the phone ringing less, you and your staff will enjoy the quiet time you need with your customers and be able to offer up the best, uninterrupted services. 

24/7 Booking
Online booking also opens the doors for the ultimate convenience for your clients. With online booking, your business could reach maximum bookability through various booking channels including Google, Yelp, and Facebook, along with 24/7 availability. Instead of having to only book appointments during your normal business hours, you’ll be able to accept new bookings-- all day, everyday. 

Customer Relationship Management
Another awesome benefit of online booking -- getting all of your customer records organized and in one place. Your appointment book is one of the most valuable assets of your spa. It holds all the pertinent information of your clients, their needs, and their favorite services. It truly tell the story of your business. With online booking, you’ll be able to store all that information automatically, with every single new appointment that you book. When your best client, Hillary, comes into your business to get her next massage, your technician will know exactly how to treat her. Better service leads to better customer loyalty. 

Hidden Marketing Advantages
With all of your client records stored along with your entire appointment book, you’ll also be able to figure out when you’ve got slow days and give yourself time to plan on how to get more clients through your doors during that time. Filling slow days can be made a lot easier with your online booking software! 

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