5 Tips to Engage Customers During April’s National Car Care Month

With National Car Care month upon us, auto shop owners have an opportunity to support customers needs in advance of them even thinking about them. This provides a chance to proactively engage your customers and provide expert advice while building trust with your most valuable supporters.     

Five ways to bring customers in during National Car Care month using Frederick:

  1. Proactively send recommendations to your customers:
    Frederick sends proactive suggestions and offers based on your service advisor’s recommendations for their each customer’s vehicle. Through integration with popular shop management systems, Frederick is aware of service recommendations made for each customer, and automatically reaches out to customers when they are due for an upcoming service..

  2. Remind customer of previously declined services:
    Customers aren’t always ready to complete all the services your shop may recommend, but with frederick, you can automatically follow up on those services customers previously declined. There is no better way to encourage customers to complete a declined service than to provide a special offer on overdue services at the perfect time.

  3. Provide discounts to bring back lost customers:
    Frederick knows when a customer hasn’t visited your shop in a long time,and can send special offers to encourage lost customers to give your shop another try..

  4. Offer customer referral programs to your most loyal customers:
    Keep loyal customers engaged and offer a referral program. There is no better referral than one from a friend.

  5. Send educational email newsletters to your customer base:
    Be a leader in your field by sending a monthly email educating your customers on your shop best practices and philosophies.

Want to know more ways Frederick can help? You can sign up for a 14 day free trial or contact one of our representatives.

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