7 Reasons to Upgrade Your POS System Today

In a retail setting, your POS system is the epicenter of your business. Not only does it facilitate transactions, but ideally it should help you to make informed business decisions. If you’re still relying on the same old point of sale system you’ve been plugging away on for the past decade, you’re missing out on a tremendous amount of potential. 

Let’s take a look at how upgrading your POS system can boost business.

1. Go Portable

These days, you’re not limited to making sales strictly in-store. There are fully functional POS systems that can be loaded onto an iPad and brought with you wherever you go. This is incredibly valuable for many types of small retailers –  fashion boutiques for example – that sell products at tent sales, out of trunk, or at social gatherings.

2. Add that Personal Touch to Your Inventory

Today’s POS systems offer real-time tracking features that allow you to make informed decisions to keep your customers coming back. For example, if one item is selling particularly well, you may receive a notification that it’s time to order more before they run out. Or if a product isn’t flying off the shelves, you may want to discount it. 

This kind of data empowers you to reach your target market in a personal way that benefits both the seller and the buyer. After all, your customers come to your store because they like what you sell, and with a good POS, you can find out exactly what they like most. 

Catering your inventory to your customers used to be a guessing game, but now you can use concrete data to buy and sell smart.

3. Employee Rewards and Incentives

Positive reinforcement is the key to a happy and productive staff. Using a POS system that monitors your employee’s progress and rewards them accordingly is a fantastic way to keep your team motivated. This strategy can also help you to understand the individual skills and shortcomings that each employee has to offer, helping you to train and implement them more effectively.

4. Keep Your Stores Consistent

If you have multiple stores, maintaining the same prices, sales, and product selection can be challenging. Using a POS system that allows you to stay connected with all of your stores is an easy way to keep all of your stores on the same path. On the same page, if some of your stores have different demographics and needs, your POS system can help you to make decisions based on the specific needs of individual stores.

5. Modernize Your Store’s Look

If you’re still relying on your old cash registers or computers, you’re not making the best possible impression on your store’s visitors. Not only does using modern technology help your business to run more efficiently, but it also instills confidence in your shoppers. For example, many of today’s modern boutiques are choosing to use iPads as a stylish, streamlined alternative to traditional clunky desktops.

6. Keep Lines Moving

It’s important to consider your customers’ overall experiences when they shop at your store. After all, online shopping is more common than ever these days, so providing an enjoyable in-store experience is critical. In a retail setting, long lines are a plague. A good POS system should facilitate a fast and easy transaction so you never have to worry about delays.

7. Integrate Your Brick-and-Mortar with Your Webstore

It’s no secret that plenty of consumers are doing the majority of their shopping on the internet these days. If your store is part of the ecommerce world, it’s essential that you’re able to track both online and offline stores. Your POS system should allow you to add and remove products quickly, track and adjust your inventory, and customize your web-store, at very least.

Upgrade Your Old POS Today

In today’s digital world, the business technology you depend on every day directly affects your company’s overall success. If you’re still using a basic, featureless POS system, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for growth. 

Now is the time to upgrade if you want to keep up with and hopefully surpass your competitors. Spend some time doing your homework, and switch to a better POS as soon as possible. You won’t regret it.

About the Author

Jhay Thomas has been writing about marketing strategies for small businesses and startups for nearly 10 years. He’s worked with companies to merge technology and commerce, including consulting on new POS systems for iPad.

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