Automated Marketing - The Antidote to Your Small Business Fears

automated marketing

We recently discussed a couple effective solutions for conquering your small business fears- from overcoming the new competition that moves next-door to figuring out the best  ways to get customers back in the door.

When it comes to running a spa or salon, it’s easy to get caught up only focusing on attracting new clients. While bringing in a steady stream of new clients is always important, making sure existing clients return and don’t switch to a competitor is the single greatest factor that will determine long-term success for any service business. Below are three ways that Frederick can help keep your spa or salon busy around the clock, through automated marketing .

1. Rescue Lost Clients
Frederick connects with your existing appointment book or management system (such as Booker) to automatically identify customers that are unlikely to book again, then sends a highly targeted offer designed to win them back. The best part of this feature is that Frederick will target clients who haven't booked in a very long time - AND you get full control over what “a very long time” means. This Smart Marketing feature helps turn lost customers into active, loyal customers!


2. Remind Clients to Book Again

These aren't your average reminders! Frederick analyzes your clients past booking patterns and our own industry data to predict the perfect time to remind each client to book their next appointment. And because personalized emails are opened and read six times more than generic emails, each email or text reminder is personalized for that client. You might be asking yourself “what if a client just isn’t ready to book an appointment right now?”, well we have that covered! If Frederick catches a client before they're ready to book, they can tell us when they would like to be reminded later, and Frederick will follow up, automatically.

3. Text Appointment Reminders

Another way that Frederick helps make sure your clients are returning to your spa or salon is by sending automatic text and email messages to remind them about their upcoming appointment(of course these too are personalized). The client can then confirm their appointment with a single click. Very convenient for your clients (and you too!).


Marketing your spa or salon to existing clients is crucial to growing and maintaining a successful business. Competition is literally right around the corner, so it’s extremely important to make sure you are taking every opportunity ensure your clients back. If all of this sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry! We’ve built a solution for that - Frederick. It only takes a couple minutes to sign up and start seeing results.

Interested at taking a look at Frederick’s automated marketing solutions first-hand? Try it for free for 14 days - no credit card required.

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