Be Your Business

Entrepreneur. Artist. Stylist. Technician. Instructor. Yogi.

There is a passion in being a small business owner. There is a dedication that is quite literally unmatched. There are hours upon hours and days upon days in which every waking moment is breathing your business. There is a heart and soul in everything you do, it is your heart and soul.

Where is your focus? What is most important to you? We ask because we care and we want you to be able to focus on what you care about most. Your business and your daughter's recital. Your schedule and your sons science project. Your customers and your family reunion. Your craft and your favorite band.

Frederick, we believe, is your answer. We are here to help you be your business, to do the marketing dirty work for you, to give you time back for your most important things. Frederick is automated marketing software that utilizes artificial intelligence to keep your customers engaged. By analyzing the information you already track about your business every day, Frederick becomes your right hand for your marketing needs. Whether your business is a salon, spa, wellness studio or auto repair shop, Frederick works on your behalf to bring clients back through your door and share their great experience with others.

We get you. We know you. We built Frederick just for you.

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5 Tips to Engage Customers During April’s National Car Care Month
5 Tips to Engage Customers During April’s National Car Care Month

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