Big News: Frederick Brings Artificial Intelligence-Driven Marketing to Auto Shops

 Frederick, marketing automation software for local service businesses, announced its being chosen as an Automotive Training Institute (ATI) Preferred Supplier. ATI is the industry leader in automotive business coaching. The enhanced supplier relationship will give auto shops nationwide the ability to integrate Frederick’s artificial intelligence (A.I.)-powered tools into their customer marketing initiatives. 
As an ATI preferred supplier, Frederick will be available to the Institute’s network of 25,000 auto repair shops. Frederick’s marketing automation experts will also educate auto shop owners on how to grow their businesses using key Frederick features to increase positive online reviews, provide service recommendations and bring customers back in the door with personalized offers. 
“The level of interaction between Frederick and our customer base has improved the marketing tremendously. We see more reviews through Frederick than ever before and getting the immediate response from the customer has been really positive,” said David Askwith, Director of Operations at AutoStream Car Care, an active ATI member.
Frederick’s marketing automation helps auto shops increase revenues by proactively promoting recommended services and offers to bring customers back in the door. Frederick also helps shops improve customer satisfaction and build their online reputation through its Feedback & Reviews functionality that proactively surveys customers via email and 2-way text messaging after their visit to the shop.
The newest feature, “Promote Shop Recommended Services,” allows for auto shops to automatically email or text customers personalized recommendations for services that apply to their cars service needs - such as timing for needed brake service, tire replacement or state-required inspection - and puts an end to the one-size-fits-all automated marketing. For customers who decline services, Frederick enables auto shops to incentivize customers by using a personalized special offer for those declined services, such as a new filter or belt.
“For over 40 years, ATI has been providing auto shop owners with the skills and know-how needed to succeed, and we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate to bring smart marketing technologies that big box stores use to the small business owner,” said Corey Kossack, CEO and Co-Founder of Frederick. “We’ve seen the impact that promoted positive reviews and personalized email marketing can make, and for auto shops, this translates into repeat customers who trust that you understand their specific needs.”
ATI provides expert training and consulting services through one-day workshops and multi-year Re-Engineering Programs to thousands of auto shops that focuses on sales, growth, and efficiency.


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