Black Friday Promotion Ideas: 5 Questions Spa Owners Need to Be Asking

black friday promotion ideas

Although Halloween is in our cross-sights, there’s another holiday that’s also quickly approaching which at times can actually be a little more frightening. It’s a day of outwardly discounts, stampeding crowds, and follows a day of giving thanks…… that’s right — we’re talking about the infamous Black Friday.

Customarily when one thinks of Black Friday they envision major discounts being promoted by huge, country-size corporations like Walmart or Apple. It’s a preconception that keeps many local spa owners pondering well, what can I really do with Black Friday?

Now, local businesses do have Small Business Saturday (the day after Black Friday) which has been created for the sole purpose of promoting local business sales; however, that doesn’t mean local spa owners should bow out of the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday. In fact, there are plenty of ways for local spas to capitalize.

In order to have a fruitful Black Friday at your spa, you’ve got to have successful (i.e. enticing) promotions going on at your business. It’s pretty much a staple of Black Friday. Coming up with compelling Black Friday promotion ideas isn’t always a cake walk. For Thanksgiving Weekend as a whole, businesses of all sizes push a seemingly unending amount of different promotional propaganda. In addition to the fierce competition, it’s important you’re creating specials that are not only alluring to clients but that also provide value for your spa.

For you to cover all those bases, there are some questions you need to contemplate before you start cranking out the promotions. So, let’s start at the beginning and go over the 5 most essential questions every spa owner needs to ask themselves when bringing their Black Friday promotion ideas to life.

Question #1: What’s My Theme?

black friday promotion ideas

As we just discussed, one of the biggest problems you’ll face on Black Friday is competing with the overwhelming competition. It’s safe to say nearly every business will have their own special promotions going on during Black Friday. So, the trick here for making your spa’s promotions stand out from the rest is spicing theme up with a fun and engaging theme. Infusing your promotional ideas with a fun seasonal theme works wonders in terms of catching clients’ attention and helping specials better resonate.

When establishing your Black Friday theme make sure you include... 

  • A Themed Color Scheme
  • Themed Caricatures
  • Themed Names

Question #2: How Long Will My Special Run for?

black friday promotion ideas

Just because Black Friday is for one day doesn't necessarily mean your Black Friday promotion has to be. Some businesses choose to have a sale for the whole month of November, while others have a promotion for a few select hours on a the specific Black Friday day. Again, the choice is yours. Regardless of the timespan you choose, pick one and spread the word about your deadline.

Many businesses place a strong emphasis on a promotion’s deadline in order to establish a sense of urgency. So, if one of your spa’s promotions will only run for Black Friday be sure to emphasize this factor. A swift deadline such at the latter helps to push people through your doors for fear of missing out on a great deal.

Question #3: What is My Promotion Centered Around?

black friday promotion ideas

There are many different types of specials you can run all based on what you’re specifically trying to promote. Before enacting your Black Friday promotion ideas, you need to contemplate what you want your promotions to center around. There’s a lot to choose from such as:

  • specific services
  • specific retail items
  • service bundles
  • retail bundles
  • combination of above
  • solely on purchase total
  • visiting on certain day

As you can see there are tons of different avenues you can take when creating your promotions. So, pick one or a few you think will work best for your spa and use that as the foundation to bring your Black Friday promotion ideas to life.

Question #4: What’s the Goal of my Promotion?

black friday promotion ideas

Obviously the overall goal is going to be making more money, but there is another very important goal which should be at the heart of your promotions. Your promotions should either be used for the purpose of…

Driving new clients to your business


Pushing loyal clients to come back and spend more

If you’re looking to get new clients: Focus on creating promotions that center around someone’s first visit. Another great tactic is by implementing a referral program. Although this promotional idea is typically used for bringing loyal customers back in, it’s also a great way to get new customers through the door.

If you’re looking to promote repeat business: Focus on getting some loyalty programs up and going in time for Black Friday. This way if you get a surge of new clients at your spa for the big day, you can use your loyalty programs to keep them coming back well after the holiday weekend. Some common loyalty programs that many local spas use are…

  • Point Systems
  • Punch Cards
  • VIP Tiers Memberships

Question #5: How am I Getting the Word Out About My Promotions?

black friday promotion ideas

Bringing your spa’s Black Friday promotion ideas to life is only half the battle. The other half you need to be thinking about is distribution. How the heck are you going to let your clients know about all the fantastic promotions you’ve got going on in honor of Black Friday? Some avenues your spa should absolutely use are your…

  • Company Website
  • Social Media Pages
  • Local Listing Profiles
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Email Campaigns
  • Text Message Campaigns

Truthfully, it’s best to use as many of these communication tools as possible. The more you use, the more clients you can get your promotions in front of. The more clients you get your promotions in front of, the more clients you should bring into your spa. It’s a chain of events which will end up leading to your number one, overall goal — more money in your pocket.


Ready to get Black Friday promotions going at your spa? Learn how Frederick can help!

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