Don’t Let Your Open Appointments Be Your Downfall

Last week, we had you calculate the actual dollars lost for every one of your open appointments. Factoring in employee wages, average times per appointment, and costs of services, the missed opportunities for revenue during these slow days really start to add up.

In case you missed it, check how much you're losing here: 

Slow days are inevitable with any business, especially when it's brought on by elements out of your control, like weather.  However, what if we told you there’s a powerful solution that can fight them off?

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. An automated marketing solution like Frederick can fill up all the open appointments during your slow days. Frederick syncs up with your current management system and once you set it, you can pretty much forget it.

How does it work? Frederick fights off your slow days with the following 3 steps:

1. Helps Predict Slow Days 
Once you’ve synced up your appointment booking, Frederick will be able to scan your previous booking history and predict when your business will most likely be slow again. Predicting the slow days is only part of the equation though, it’s what happens next that’s so powerful and essential for your business. 

2. Identifies Lost Customers 
What does it mean when Frederick is synced up to your appointment book? Well it means that it’s also able to identify your clients that haven’t booked in a while, who aren’t visiting as regularly as you’d like. You know who i'm talking about. 

3. Bring Those Customers Back
Once you’ve identified the right customers that need to be targeted, Frederick will send out, via email or text, automated discounts and specials (totally controlled by you) to these “lost” customers and over time you’ll start seeing your bookings increase while your slow days decrease. 

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