Export Customer Feedback to CSV and More...

Export customer feedback

The engineering team's been hard at work delivering updates based on your requests. Keep the feedback coming!

Here's what's new this week:

Export Customer Feedback to CSV

We've had many requests for more ways to slice and dice the great data available in Frederick's Feedback & Reviews report. As a first step, we've made it easy to export the raw data so you can run your own analysis in Excel.

  • To export feedback, just go to the Feeback & Reviews Report, set up your filters the way you want, then click the Export button.
  • The current filter will be applied to the export, so if you only want feedback for a specific staff member, or for last month, for instance, just select those filters first.

Data Sync Enhancements

For certain integrations, you can now choose to have your contacts' email and text message subscription settings override Frederick's on every data sync instead of just on the initial contact import. This feature is turned off by default because most customers prefer to manage these settings in Frederick.

  • You can find this feature under Business Listing Settings, at the bottom of the page, labeled Sync Settings.
  • Please remember that if you have this new setting turned enabled, even if you unsubscribe a contact in Frederick, they may get resubscribed on the next data sync. To unsubscribe or subscribe a contact, you will need to unsubscribe or subscribe them within your integrated system instead of Frederick.
  • Any contacts who have unsubscribed themselves from a Frederick email or text will always remain unsubscribed.

Inbound Only Text Opt-in

We've had a few requests to be able to turn off sending of automated Text Opt-in invitations to customers, but still allow customers to opt in by sending SUBSCRIBE to your Frederick number.

  • You can now disable Text Opt-in invitations if you like, while still keeping text message marketing available for customers who have already opted in or who opt-in by texting SUBSCRIBE.
  • To disable Text Opt-in invitations, go to Text Opt-in settings. You'll see you now have fine grained control!

That's all for this week. Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to subscribe to this blog to keep in the know!



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