Facebook Business Page Reviews: 5 Reasons You Need Them

Facebook business page reviews

Facebook and business can be kind of a hard marriage for many small business owners to swallow. When most business owners think about Facebook they see it as a means to keep in touch with friends. They use Facebook to post funny pictures, view lighthearted videos, and make playful statuses. Very rarely do business owners recognize Facebook as a tool which can help them grow their business.

If you happen to be one of those business owners I’m referring to, you need to change that thought logic — right now. In fact, Forbes recently found that 78% of small businesses report actually getting a at least a quarter of their new customers via social media. This probably sounds a little surprising to you, but believe it or not, Facebook has a bunch of tools that can help you bring in more customers than you’ve ever been able to before.

One tool namely being — Facebook business page reviews. Here are the 5 leading ways Facebook reviews can help your small business grow bigger and better.

Facebook Business Page Reviews Benefit #1: A Source Customer's Trust  

Flashy advertisements only go so far when it comes to attracting new customers. Customers are inundated with ads all the time. In many instances they’ve learned to tune them out. Now, customers may not always be willing to listen to advertisements, but there’s one thing they’ll always trust — other consumers. In fact, 88% of customers look to online reviews for connecting them with local businesses before they ever actually step foot into the physical location.

Bottom line here — your customers do their homework. They won’t just blindly walk into your shop. That’s why Facebook business page reviews are so handy for attracting new, potential customers to your business. It gives onlookers access to a plethora of reviews, so they can get a feel for what your business is really like. If they like what they read on your Facebook reviews (which I’m sure they will) you’ll be finding them at your doorstep shortly after.

Facebook Business Page Reviews Benefit #2: Access to Huge Audience

The Facebook review functionality not only works to get your reviews in front of potential, new customers, but it’s able to get them in front of a LOT of them. Do you know how many adults currently are on Facebook? As of today, there are approximately 1.5 billion active users. That means there are 1.5 billion potential, new customers who have the opportunity to stumble upon your Facebook reviews.

Facebook Business Page Reviews Benefit #3: Gauge Your Performance

Understanding how customers truly feel about your business can be vital to its overall success. If you’re walking around with blinders and can’t identify when issues arise, your business may not be open for very long. Facebook business page reviews help give you the sight you need to make sure that doesn’t happen. If you’re looking for a truly unbiased way to evaluate how your services, products, and other aspects of business are performing - look to your Facebook reviews.

Customers post reviews all the time about things such as:

1. Service/Product Selections

2. Service/Product Quality

3. Customer Service

4. Specials/Promotion Quality

Facebook reviews give you access to a library of vital information you can mine to use for either maintaining or making alterations on current practices in order to better appease to customer needs.  

Facebook Business Page Reviews Benefit #4: Help Promote Repeat Business

Besides just getting your business’ name and reputation in front of a larger audience, Facebook business page reviews also help with retention aspect of your business. They can help your small business accumulate more repeat business.

Online reviews help to generate you repeat customers because they present the basic building blocks you need to mold certain services, products, or employees, into a perfect fit for exactly what your customers want in your small business. If you know with 100% certainty that their satisfied. You'll also know with 100% certainty that they’ll never want to leave.

Facebook Business Page Reviews Benefit #5: Book Right Now

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, if your business uses a reliable online booking system, customers have the ability to book appointments straight from your Facebook business page. So, when customers read a bunch of great reviews about your business the ability to book an appointment with your business is right there for them. There are no barriers for them. If they like what they can read, they can book an appointment right there and then. It’s a perfect 1, 2 punch for achieving a much fuller schedule.


Fascinated by the power of Facebook business page reviews? Check out other ways your business can leverage Facebook for success in Booker's Free guide!

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