Father’s Day Ideas: 3 Marketing Tips

He’s always been your biggest cheering section at every game you’ve ever had. He’s always there when something breaks, tool in hand. He’s your rock, your hero — your dad. Since the beginning, our dads have always been there for us. Father’s Day is that special day we get to give back — and trust me, as consumers, we really show dad the love.

Last year, the National Retail Federation estimated Father’s Day spending to hit about 12.7 billion in the United States, with about 16.9% of those profits coming specifically from local businesses. So, what does all of this mean for you? Well, if you're a local business owner for a male-centric business, Father’s Day represents an opportunity for your shop to make a serious summer surplus.

In order to make this Father’s Day a monetary success, it’s all going to come down to your marketing efforts. You’ve got to convince gift-searching family members that your goods or services are the perfect gift for dear-old-dad. So, let’s get to it: here are three Father’s Day ideas for local businesses to turn their shop into the Father’s Day destination.  

1. Push Father’s Day Gift Cards/Certificates

Honestly, for really any gift giving occasion, gift cards and gift certificates are almost always the most popular gift of choice. They’re a great option for all those procrastinating last-minute shoppers out there. They’re equally attractive for gift givers who may not know exactly what to get, but know where the person they’re buying for likes.

With that being said, push gift certificates at your business during the days leading up to Father’s Day — they’ll be a big seller. Last year, the National Retail Federation reported 1.8 billion was spent for Father’s Day. With that much potential profit out there for gift certificate sales, it’s imperative you promote gift certificates at your shop.

Create some special ones specifically for Father’s Day. Make it clear that these aren’t generic, but instead, Father’s Day specific. Make sure these certificates are highly visible. Consider promoting them in your shop window. Additionally, make sure they are easily accessible at your checkout.

2. Create Father’s Day Gift Bundles

Gift bundles give your customers the opportunity to bottle up your services and bring them home. Fair pricing and logical grouping is always important when it comes to creating a valuable package; however, presentation is hugely important for a gift giving occasion such as Father’s Day.

Put the time into thoughtfully decorating your gift bundle! Gift buyers have a long list of things to do in preparation for Father’s Day. Eliminate the trouble of wrapping and your bundle becomes that much more invaluable.

3. Spread the Word about Father's Day Specials 

Now that you’ve created some neat gift certificates and some awesome looking gift bundles in preparation for Father’s Day — half the battle is done. You’ve got one more thing left to do. It’s time to get the word out there! Some great tools for you to use are:

A) Email Marketing: Get that one-on-one conversation going with your customers. Send your customer base an email letting them know that gift certificates and gift bundles are available. Customers themselves might find the information useful, and if they’re delivered to dad directly, he can forward your email to all his gift givers as a hint.

B) Social Media: Popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give your barbershop the ability to engage with a large audience of potential new clients. Though slightly less personal than email, social media can help barbershops cast an even wider net for driving more business. In fact, 78 percent of small businesses report generating at least a quarter of their new customers via social media.

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