4 Ways to Grow Your Wellness Business with Text Message Marketing

In this age of flooded email inboxes, staying in touch with your customers is no easy feat. With an open rate of 98 percent and 8 times the response rate of email, text message marketing offers an easy, automated way to send out offers and other communications that are less likely to be ignored. 

Here are four texts that can help you keep your business booming:

1. The Last-Minute Opening Text
Rather than have unfilled slots lead to lost revenue, fill open slots by texting your customers with an opportunity to grab an open spot at a discounted rate.

2. The Reminder Text
Try to avoid cancellations in the first place by sending your reminders via text. Clients are more likely to see a text message reminder and show up — or call to reschedule if needed.

3. The General Promotion Text
Got a slow week on the books? Offer a discounted rate or customized promotion to your existing customers to get them back in the door, or try a bring-a-friend promotion to help drive new business.

4. The Thank You Text
Sometimes a simple thanks is enough to keep a client loyal. Stay top of mind with your customers by expressing your gratitude via text and asking them to provide valuable feedback in the form of online reviews.  

Save Time with Automated Text Messaging

MINDBODY users can now connect their contacts, schedule and customer history to Frederick, an all-in-one marketing and customer engagement software, which sends automated campaigns to promote last-minute slots and slow times to help you maximize revenue. Frederick can also automatically target potentially lost customers with targeted promotions and offers, as well as help you convert casual visitors into members or package holders with automated email drip campaigns. These smart communications can add up to big revenue. The average Frederick customer generates 5 times their subscription cost in bookings driven by Frederick each month. Learn more about Frederick for MINDBODY.

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