Free Online Business Directories: Yelp vs. Google My Business

free online business directories

When they’re worded kindly - we love them. When they’re worded cruelly - we cringe at reading them. Regardless, it’s pretty safe to say that every business owner recognizes the significance of them - that’s right, we’re talking online customer reviews.

We’ve already established the major beneficial impacts having online reviews can have on small businesses, but what we’ve yet to discuss is where you want your online reviews to call home. Sure directories like Yellow Pages, Bing My Business, and Citysearch are fine, but in terms of audience size and local business oriented features - they sort of pale in comparison to the two online directory giants. The two big players you NEED to be conscious of when it comes to free online business directories are hands down Google My Business and Yelp. So, we’ve helped to narrow you down to two, but do you promote reviews to be posted on Google My Business or Yelp? Which one is the best?

Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going having a showdown. Google My Business goes head-to-head with Yelp. Let’s compare the two and see who emerges victorious.

Google My Business

Google is the most used site in the entire world. There is no disputing that. With 1.17 billion active users and 3.5 billion searches made daily, Google My Business offers your small business the largest pool of potential clients possible. Searches can come across your business profile through Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+.

                                                             free online business directories

Major Perks:

1. Reviews/Ranks Front and Center - A Google My Business profile puts your reviews and overall rank among consumers in front of Google’s billion strong audience of potential consumers.

         free online business directories

2. Synched with Google Maps - Your Google My Business profile is completely synced with Google Maps. This allows searchers to easily access directions for getting to your business.

3. Get Your Business Information Out There - Google My Business makes all your important business information easily accessible for searches, allowing you to showcase an about section, phone number, address, business hours and website.  


4. A Picture Says a Thousand Words - A Google My Business profile also allows you to show-off what your business has to offer through stunning images of your choice.

free online business directories

5. Booking Appointments - The newest, and arguably coolest part to having a Google My Business? Searchers can book an appointment with your business straight off your profile. It makes booking an appointment quicker and easier than ever before.

                                         free online business directories


Yelp was founded in 2004 for with the sole purpose of helping people connect with great local businesses like hair stylists, pet groomers, automotive shops, etc. After just a decade, Yelp averages about 86 million unique visitors a month and has nearly 95 million reviews on local businesses spanning the entire country. Yelp is fully mobile optimized with it’s own mobile app, allowing searches to connect with local businesses on-the-go - wherever they may find themselves.

free online business directories

1. Reviews/Rank Front and Center - Similarly to Google My Business Yelp does a great job of getting all your great reviews and rank in front of searchers.

 free online business directories

2. Precise Filterability - Yelp gives searchers numerous filtering options, making it easy for potentially customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Yelp is filterable not only by area, but also proximity to a certain area, open hours, price promotions and gift certificate availability.


3. Get Your Business Information Out There - Just like Google My Business, Yelp does an excellent job of clearly displaying all your business’ vital information for searchers.

 free online business directories


4. Showcasing Specials - You spend a lot of time crafting enticing, and exciting promotions at your business. Yelp takes that into consideration. That’s why Yelp has made it possible for viewers to see any special promotions you be running on a specific service.

5. Booking Appointments - Yelp enables searchers to book appointments straight from your business’ online review page. Yelp’s “Book Now” button makes booking an appointment as easy as the click of a button.

So, Who’s the Winner?

We’ve got ourselves a draw here, folks. When you really get down to it: Yelps filterability and specials visibility makes it seem slightly more small business oriented than Google My Business; however, nothing is comparable to the massive audience a Google My Business profile can tap into for your business. And most importantly - both grant consumers the ability to book appointments straight from a business’ profile. Talk about convenience.

Bottom line - you should be using both of these free online business directories. They only take a second to set up and take very little effort to maintain, as your customers will be producing the bulk of content through their review postings.


Check out all the ways Frederick can help your small business populate any and all of your free online business directories with tons of customer reviews.


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