How Auto Repair Shops Should Conduct Their Service Reminders

It can be difficult staying on top of everything on your calendar. You’ve got this appointment at this time, that appointment at that time — it can be a mess. That’s why it’s no surprise that a recent survey by AAA found that close to 40% of Americans skip or delay their recommended car maintenance. With so much on their plate already, most people just forget.

So, as a local automotive repair shop owner, it’s important that you’re sending your customers service reminders. However, for automotive owners there’s a right way, and a wrong way to do so.

Meet Frederick’s Service Reminder Functionality


Personalization on an Individual Level


When sending out a service reminder you want to keep things personal. Frederick syncs with your customer profiles and tailors your communications with a given customer to highlight their personal data. So, instead of sending out a generic “come get your car checked” email, you can send an email which really speaks to each customer on an individual level. For example, by calling something to attention like their specific car. This showcases to customers that you don’t just see them as a number, but instead as an individual. Individual attention such as this can greatly help with persuading more customers to give your shop a visit.

And yes, Frederick automatically does the tailoring for you. You don’t have to edit each communication yourself to reflect different specificities among your numerous customers. That would be far too time consuming.  

Book Your Appointment Right Now

Frederick’s service reminders don’t just work to remind your customers, but they also give your customers the ability to book an appointment — right on the spot. Customers don’t have to navigate their way to your website, or call you up on the phone. They can book their service appointment straight from your service reminder text or email.

Book Your Appointment At a Later Date

Unlike some other service based industries, automotive customers don’t normally book appointments on a want basis but instead on a need one. For example, a client will visit a spa for a massage not because it’s necessary but because they’re tired and want to feel refreshed. For auto shops, it works a little differently. It’s more like customers come in to get their brakes checked when they don’t feel right or get their AC fixed when it’s broken. They don’t just swing by because they want to.


Frederick understands that and offers customers who are contacted about service reminders to be reminded at a later date. So, if you remind customers to book their oil change now because you’ve got a special going on till the end of the month, but they don’t need it checked till next month, Frederick gives them the option to be reminded at a later date.

In addition to that, Frederick won’t reach out to that given customer again until the date specified. No customer wants to be inundated with communications from their auto repair shop. So, Frederick will wait until the time your customer specified.

Ready to get started with service reminders at your auto shop? Or are you ready to take your service reminders to the next level? See how Frederick can help!


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