How Do I Get My Business On Yelp? A Step-By-Step Walkthrough

How Do I Get My Business On Yelp

Having your local business listed on an online directory is pretty essential for the growth of your business. Today’s consumers do their homework. No one just blindly walks into a salon, or pet grooming shop anymore. Instead, nearly 85% of customers use online recommendations to connect them with the local businesses in their area. That’s why it’s so vital for your business to have a profile for review searchers to come across.

We’re not here to convince you on the importance of online directories - we’ve already had that talk. A discussion we’ve yet to have and something you might be thinking is exactly how do I get my business on Yelp? So, let’s change that and help your small business get itself up and going on one of the biggest, most influential online business directories there is - Yelp.

Here is an easy step-by-step process for getting your business listed on Yelp--

How Do I Get My Business On Yelp

Step 1: First things first - jump over to “Yelp’s for Business Owners” sign up page.

Step 2: There is a chance that your business already has a page that was publicly generated. So, check if a page already exists, and if it does you just need to hit “claim.”

How Do I Get My Business On Yelp

Get yourself started by inputting your business’ name and address. Then hit the “Get Started” button and move on.  

How Do I Get My Business on Yelp

Step 2A: Skim the list of businesses that auto populate and look to see if your business already has a page. If your business is already listed, this tutorial is going to be pretty short for you. All you need to do is click “Claim this business.” Yelp will then prompt you with a few questions just to verify that you are the owner of the business you’re trying to claim. Once verified, you can start making edits to your profile as you see fit.

Step 2B: Now, if your business doesn’t have a page already made - don’t fret! We’re going to get you set up with one right now. Scroll down to the bottom of the “Find and Claim your Yelp Business Page,” and click “Add your business to Yelp.”

 How Do I Get My Business On Yelp

Step 3: Input all your business’ core information such as country, name, address, and phone number.

Step 4: Be sure to connect your business’ website to your Yelp profile. This helps open up the avenues for searchers to come across your website.

Step 5: “Operating Hours” is another important field that you need to remember to fill out. Click the “Add Hours” option to adjust your hours and add any days you need to.

Step 6: Yelp also allows you to categorize your business as you see fit. So, make sure that you enter your business’ industry into this section. The more specific you get the easier it will be for the customers you want to come across your page.

Step 7: Lastly, just add your email address and click “Add Business.”

Step 8: Okay… so there is no actual “Step 8!” Just wanted to say congratulations - you’ve successfully set up your business’ Yelp profile! Yelp is going to send you a confirmation email, you hit “confirm email,” and then go check out your spiffy, new profile.

Want to take your profile to the next level? Check out how Frederick can help your small business truly make the most of your Yelp profile!

                          How Do I Get My Business On Yelp


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