How the New Twitter Dashboard Will Help Your Small Business [Video Tutorial]

Alyson Owens

Last month, Twitter announced their new Twitter Dashboard which is accessible through desktop or via mobile app for when you’re on the go (mobile currently only available on Apple iOS).

Why is this a big win for your small business? Well for one - thank you, Twitter, for another free tool! Secondly, the new dashboard will allow you to easily engage with clients, schedule your tweets ahead of time, and track your metrics. Lastly, it’s important to know that social media can help boost your business’ revenue (which we’d assume is one of your end goals). 52% of Twitter users have purchased a product/service they first learned about on Twitter.  

As a business owner, one of the last things on your mind or to-do list is to focus on your social media strategy - this is where the Dashboard comes in to help. Social engagement is an important aspect to growing your business. It not only helps you to reach new customers, but to engage with existing ones (who spend 67% more than new customers).

Here is how to get started with Twitter dashboard and begin to engage with your customers and community easily and for free:

Setting Up Your Dashboard

The customizable dashboard gives you the ability to enter keywords related to your business. By doing this, you will be exposed to more relevant content in your industry and may discover customers discussing your services, that you may not have seen otherwise (like if they didn’t tag your handle).

  1. Go to (make sure you are logged into your business’ twitter account)
  2. Select “About You”
  3. Enter keywords related to your business. (You can always edit these)

Example: If you own “Rachel’s Hair Salon”, use the following keywords: Rachel’s Hair Salon, your city location, salon owners, hair salon, salon business tips, etc.

4. Visit home page to see stream of community based on your keywords.

Scheduling Your Tweets

As a small business owner, you rarely have time in the day to sit and start sending out tweets from your business’ handle. The Dashboard allows you to schedule tweets days/weeks ahead of time so you can focus more on running your business.

  1. Click ‘Create’ on the top of your tool bar
  2. Compose your tweet (and attached GIF or photo) - Pick date & time to schedule 


Analytics of your social performance can be difficult to comprehend, but not with the new Dashboard. Twitter highlights the key metrics of your pages performance and organizes it in easy to read charts and percentages. You can track your overall performance weekly or monthly. It will also give you a breakdown of each tweet's performance so you can see what content works best for your business. 

Tips and Inspiration

This is another great feature in the Dashboard. Sometimes our creative juices run low, and it’s difficult to think of new and exciting ways to engage our social communities. Twitter, once again, is here to save the day. Throughout the dashboard, you’ll see random inspiration and ideas for you to boost your business’ page.

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