How to Give Your Local Business A Boost This Summer

The summer: a time of sunshine, beaches, and laughter; unfortunately, the summer also typically brings with it a slowdown in profits for small and local businesses. With so many of your customers off on vacations, it can be tough for you to actually get a hold of them and through your doors. It can be a real problem for local businesses. That’s why last week we introduced you to the number one method for combating the summer slow down -- text message marketing. With 99 percent of text messages received being opened by consumers, text message marketing represents the best way to heat things up at your business during the slow summer months.

So, last week, we went through all the reasons why text message marketing is your saving grace, but this week we’re really going to hit the deck running with text message marketing. It’s time to introduce you to the best way for taking full advantage of text message marketing -- meet Frederick’s Boost.

The Purpose

Boost is an automated text message marketing solution that works to quickly, and effectively blitz out important communications to your business’ customer base. It is specifically designed to act as a solution for small and local businesses to combat slow days.

How it Works

Step 1: When - Decide when you need a boost in business. If you’re like most local businesses maybe you’re thinking during the summer. So, as an example, maybe you set Boost to send messages every other Friday during the summer months. You have the power to set communication frequencies as often or scattered as you feel comfortable with.

Step 2: Who - Next consider whom you want to receive these messages. Maybe you want to send messages to your entire customer base. Maybe you just want messages sent to customers who haven’t visited for a while. Maybe you want to send just to your regulars. However you feel, the choice is yours.

Step 3: What - Think about the content of your communications. Include what type of promotion you want this message to include in order to drive customers to your door. It can be a service discount, giveaway, or any other custom promotion you think will be most enticing to customers.

Step 4: How - Once you’ve decided on those three things, lastly choose how you want customers to receive your promotions. You can choose to send customers a text message, an email, or even both.

Step 5: Well, there is no real step 5. All you need to do is make 4 simple choices and then hit the “Go” button. Let Frederick take care of the rest.

Watch Your Profits Soar

Once you’ve set those parameters Frederick takes care of all the rest. Boost will do all the manual sending of your promotions to customers. They’ll receive emails, text messages, both, whatever you felt was best. When you're faced with slow days, Boost is the best, quickest way to get enticing promotions in front of your customers, so you can drive them back to your business. Plus, since all the manual procedures are taken care of by Frederick you can spend your time focusing on all the customers your promotions are driving in, instead of being burdened with the marketing. With Boost you can say hello to customers and goodbye to marketing.


Interested in giving Boost a try at your business? Try it out for free today!

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