How to Grow Using Customer Feedback and Reviews



How well do you know your customers? This is a question that every business owner should ask themselves on a regular basis. You should want to know how satisfied your customers are, what they think about how you run your business and how likely they are to recommend your business to a friend.

Last week, we announced the introduction of Frederick's Feedback & Reviews platform. Here are a few key ways that our new platform can help you grow:

Capture feedback Instantly - After a client visits your business, Frederick will ask them one simple question: "Based on this visit, how likely would you be to recommend us?". Depending on the client's response, Frederick will respond with a customer message to ask for more information, which clients can respond to online or via text message. 

Turn positive feedback into online reviews - When clients leave positive feedback, there's a great opportunity to turn that feedback into marketing for your business! Frederick will automatically request reviews from clients who give you a high rating, and also make it incredibly easy for clients to then share their reviews on Yelp, Facebook or Google+.

Track your Net Promoter Score - Frederick allows you to track your Net Promoter Score, or NPS, as a quantitative measure of customer satisfaction. We chose this method because it is a proven way to measure your customers' happiness. NPS is used by the majority of top brands you already know. With Frederick, you can always have a clear understanding of how happy your customers are, which staff members and services have the most satisfied customers, and more.

Ready to get start collecting feedback and reviews? Sign up for a free trial today!


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