How to Upsell: The Easiest Way for Small Businesses

how to upsell

What would you rather: a customer booking one appointment at your business or ten? Unless you’re the strangest small business owner I’ve ever encountered… I’m assuming that was a fairly easy question with the unanimous answer of “10.” I ask you this question because so many small businesses simply rely on standalone appointments. Although a booked appointment is a booked appointment which equals money for your business, there happens to be a very simple way for your business to multiply those appointments and revenue. Your answer: start upselling memberships.

For many service-based businesses, membership programs act as a one way ticket to a gold mine. Not only do they help businesses by securing repeat visits, locking down revenue in advance, and fostering loyalty to your brand - they also encourage customers to commit to a regular practice while saving them money in the process. Everyone wins - both you and your customers.

Start eliminating stand alone bookings and start upselling memberships. We’ve already helped you in determining who the best customers to upsell are, but now we’re going to show you best and easiest way how to upsell.

With Frederick, upselling memberships to your customers is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

How to Upsell Step 1: What Do You Want to Upsell?

First things first - decide what you actually want to upsell. Maybe memberships aren’t the perfect fit based on your industry. Instead maybe series or package deals are a better fit for you to upsell. Perhaps you’d like to try and upsell all three? Whether it be a membership, series, or package deal - with Frederick the choice is yours. Simply choose what you want to be upselling to your customer base and just indicate in Frederick what that choice is.

How to Upsell Step 2: Who Do You Want to Upsell to?

The next thing you need to decide is who you want to upsell your spiffy membership promotion to. Frederick allows you to easily filter whom your upsell offer is being put in front of. You can either decide to upsell membership deals to:

A.) any current customer that is not part of your membership (series, package, etc.).

B.) customers who have made a specific purchase that has the capabilities for membership upgrades.

You don’t have to spend your time filtering customers out. No small business owner has time for that. Frederick can do this for you. Plus, with this easy filterability you can customize and personalize your upsell messaging based on the services they have previously booked at your business.

How to Upsell Step 3: The Send Out!

Once you’ve chosen your “what” and your “who” - your job is done. Let Frederick take care of the rest. Frederick will automatically email whom you’ve indicated based off the criteria that you input. It will take all of the manually, time consuming efforts of running and managing an e-blast off your shoulders. Frederick sends out all your communications for however long you want the campaign to run. It also even tracks how your offer has performed, allowing you greater insights into which promotions work best with your customers.

It’s basically like you’ve just hired a full-time marketer for a fraction of the price. Focus on your customers. Let Frederick focus on things like upselling memberships for you.

how to upsell

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