How Transparent Are Your Marketing Analytics?


Being a small business owner, you’re most likely spending money to market your business, but how do you know for sure that it’s working? Getting your hands on an accurate and transparent marketing report that is tied to actual sales is one of the greatest challenges facing business owners today. There's a wealth of information available, but most marketing dashboards are limited to telling you about opens and clicks. So how can you tell if those opens and clicks actually translate into sales?

At Frederick, we set out to solve this problem with the most transparent marketing analytics dashboard that has ever existed for local service businesses. Frederick's reports track every possible action a client can take after viewing a marketing campaign, from calling your small business via a trackable phone number to expressing future interest in an offer even if they aren't ready to book today.


In addition, Frederick tells you everything you need to know about bookings that occur after a client engages with a marketing campaign, including which campaign triggered the client to act and how the appointment was booked. Our proprietary tracking monitors bookings through Frederick's booking interface, matches incoming calls with recorded appointments in your calendar, and even pulls in appointments from your calendar that were booked outside of Frederick within a short time after viewing a Frederick campaign. Why do we go to such great lengths to show you what's going on? Knowledge is power, and we want to arm you with every last bit of information possible to help you continue to grow.


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