Introducing: Custom Automations and Drip Campaigns

We are excited to announce that we launched a huge new update to Frederick this week - Custom Automations and Drip Campaigns! With the addition of these new features, we've made it easier for you to better customize and target your marketing efforts. Whether you're targeting new clients with a special introductory offer or creating a special promotion for your most loyal clients, Frederick's got you covered!

Custom Automations and Drip Campaigns are a great way to market to your clients without having to take time out of your busy schedule to constantly create new emails or text messages to send on a one-off basis. Targeting specific clients at the right time will not only save you time, but it will help maximize the results you see from your marketing efforts and help grow your business.

The best part about this new update? It requires little-to-no work from you! Just set it and forget it!

Target the right customers.
Smart lists allow you to create custom campaigns based on any data Frederick knows about your contacts, and it’ll auto update with matching contacts based on criteria you set. Purchase/visit history, customer reviews, upcoming birthday, email click-throughs and more… you name it, you can build a list that works for you.

Control how your campaigns look and what they say.
Control more of the look, copy, content and design of your campaigns. With a completely integrated email editor and access to a growing library of customizable templates, you can create campaigns that align more with your branding. 


Set it and Forget it.
Drip campaigns can be setup to automatically send to contacts that are in selected lists. Build campaigns to encourage loyalty with custom rewards, send personalized birthday wishes or upsell new customers at the right time - the possibilities are endless!


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