Is Marketing Automation For You?

Since we’ve reminded you about the importance of marketing for your small business, we know that you’ve finally implemented marketing strategies that work. From setting up social media pages to getting your business listed online, your business is already more visible and open to building a greater customer base.

Keeping up with your online directories and social media can be incredibly simple, and requires a minimal amount of time. However, how about your email marketing? From building out each email to tracking out each of your opens, email marketing can be an extremely time-consuming task.

Have you thought about whether marketing automation is a good fit for you, especially with your incredibly busy schedule? We can only break the surface of how difficult it is to run a small business. We understand how precious your time is and how you need to optimize all your communications --from your employees to your vendors.

So why not your customers?

Let’s break down the differences between email marketing and marketing automation and we’ll let you be the judge as to whether you’re ready to your marketing efforts to the next level:

Email Marketing Vs. Marketing Automation

We all know how vital email marketing is when running a business, small or large. Email marketing prevails as the most effective form of direct marketing, and since it’s early emergence, almost 20 years ago, has remained at the forefront of many leading marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

It Takes Time:

Email marketing can be extremely time-consuming. When doing it correctly, there are many steps involved. From building out the messaging of the email to figuring who to contact, to following up with those who opened -- it’s not the kind of thing you can just set and forget.

Manual Engagement:

What’s the point of email marketing? It’s to establish an effective communication with your current and prospective customers to get them to come back to your business- either through booking a new appointment or even referring a friend. With email marketing, you want to be able to continue that engagement and increase the chances of these customers returning to your business. With a simple email marketing platform, this is a manual task.

Marketing Automation


We’re talking the power of automating everything--from your preliminary email communications, to your follow-up emails, taking end-to-end control of all your engagements. With virtually no work from your end, you’ll be able to keep in conversation with your customers on a consistent basis, lending for a more meaningful customer experience -- hopefully, strengthening the relationships between you and your customers.

Positive customer experiences lead to greater customer retention. It’s kind of a big deal.

Track Your Marketing:

What’s an added benefit of marketing automation? Being able to attribute where all of your bookings are coming from. Once you’ve automated your communications, you’ll be able to keep track of where each booking is coming from and know exactly whether your continued efforts are effective, or not. There will be less time wasted, less money wasted, and more appointments.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to dive into marketing automation? Stay tuned for a more in-depth look as to how effective marketing automation can truly be! 

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