Last Minute Halloween Tips for Small Businesses

Alyson Owens

The fall and winter months bring an abundance of holidays - which brings lots of opportunity for your business to run specials and promotions. One holiday you may overlook? Halloween! The holiday of costumes and candy allows small business owners the chance to run simple, fun and ‘wacky’ social media campaigns that their followers are sure to enjoy. How do we know? Because no one can be upset when there’s candy involved.

Halloween is just two weeks away, which means there’s not much time to launch an in-depth social media campaign but FEAR (heh) not, we put together a list of quick and easy social campaigns any small business owner can take advantage of.

Carving into Contests

Idea #1: Hosting a contest will encourage your followers to engage with your page, and also allows you to generate content from your users (aka - not too much work on your end). How would it work? Post an update asking your followers to submit photos of their best Halloween costume (or jack-o-lantern, decorations. etc). The winner can either be chosen by you and your staff or by the photo that gets the most likes. Reward the winner with a certificate or a gift basket!

Idea #2: Encourage your employees to dress up on Halloween and share photos/videos of them throughout the day. Ask your followers to vote on the best costume. 

Scary Deals

Want to kill two birds with one stone? Launch Halloween themed specials/discounts (that are based on your social pages) - this will help you to get both engagement and hopefully some foot traffic in your business.

  • Halloween Themed Packages
    • Put together special packages that will have your clients excited to save! This can either be a tangible package of different products or you can put together say a hair blowout and a cut (Try to be clever and name your packages with Halloween terms. Here is a list  of words to use to get some ideas flowing).  
  • Halloween Coupons
    • Give away coupons to each (or the first 5,10) people that share/like your post. This can be anything from ‘free haircut’ to 15% off your next visit.

Ask your clients to follow your social pages during their appointments - if they show you they’re like liking all your pages - give them a coupon (easy customer retention).

Ghoulishly Delightful Tips

  • A great way to grow your social following is not only by engaging with your followers, but by also being an influencer of sorts. Many people come to social media for insights and ideas -- establish yourself as a Halloween extraordinaire by posting tips the week leading up to the holiday!
    • Example: Say you own a beauty salon - give a video tutorial on how to do your makeup to look like Frankenstein or how to do your hair like ‘Cindy Lou Who’. If you have a daily tip, this will encourage your followers and clients to come back each day to see what you have stored in your cauldron.  

Ways to optimize your promotions

  • Update your cover images on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn. Add Halloween colors and some copy (keyword: some) that highlights the promotions you will be running.
  • Pin your announcement posts to the top of your pages (click top right drop down arrow and select ‘Pin to Top’).
  • Boost your posts for a few extra bucks to reach your audience. (Never boosted a post before? We have a video tutorial on how to get started).
  • Put signage in your store promoting the contest/specials so your existing clients will know to look out for your posts.

Encourage employees to share your posts and get involved with the festivities (this helps your brand, employee morale AND business). Maybe place this signage right next to the free candy bowl? 


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