Limited Time Specials for a Very Special Night Out

Now that we’re fast approaching Valentine’s Day, you’re probably sick from all the advice coming at you on how to properly promote your business for the holiday. Pink and red hearts must be spinning around your head at this point.

Well, we’ll spare you the usual spiel, because we get it. However, we just have one last thing to say on the matter: What are you really doing to engage your clients on who they should be turning to for all of their beauty needs?

We’re guessing you’ve been:

1.   Sending out generic emails

2.   Promoting your promotions on social

3.   Putting up signage at your salon or spa

When you’re taking the time to painstakingly come up with promotional ideas for your spa or salon during and before the months leading up to wedding season, having weak distribution channels to let you customers know about them renders them ineffective. Don’t let that happen.

Let me tell you a story about the happy couple: Jen and Jeremy. What a sweet couple they make!

Jeremy has gone through great lengths to set up his special Valentine’s Day date with Jen. Jen, with little to know information on what’s going on during this date, plans her usual little black dress for the occasion. No big deal. However, while she’s scrolling through her email, she gets a personalized message in her inbox from your salon.

You’re offering Jen, for a limited time only, a chance to book an appointment within the next few hours and with that, she’ll receive a special discount.

Now Jen, who wasn’t necessarily planning on getting anything done for the date, has now found a reason to hitch a ride to your salon. That sense of urgency, coupled with the fact that she’s got an event coming up, has just earned you a new booking.

With Frederick’s limited time specials, this is all EXTREMELY possible! You’ll never have to worry about sending out blasts to your entire list. Each email is sent out to select clients that have already opted in or have expressed interest in these types of offers. Frederick could automatically target clients who aren’t visiting as regularly as they could be, and this could be taken advantage of during especially slow months.

With all of your booked appointments syncing instantly to your existing calendar, what is there really to lose? 

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