8 Marketing Activities You Need to be Tracking to Make More Money

marketing activities

How well do you really know your business? As the business owner... probably pretty well. You brought this business into existence, you’ve spent many sleepless nights nurturing it into what is is today, and you’ve even worked to build a family network of employees and customers. You know your business well — there’s no denying that. However, you may be surprised to hear that there’s probably room to understand the inner workings of your business even better in order to drive even more profits.

As I’m sure many local business owners can attest to: when it comes to your marketing efforts, there’s very little transparency. All business owners put the time and the money into basic marketing activities like email marketing and other forms of communications; however, so very few actually know which marketing activities are actually performing well for them. Essentially, you send something out and it enters a black hole — not really knowing if it worked at bringing in the designated customer or not.

By lacking these insights into the inner workings of your business, you run the risk of wasting that time and money you’ve put in. Plus, you cannot identify opportunities to make small adjustments to make more money. So you're losing the time and money you're putting in, and missing out on potential high profits. In order to avoid that, it’s vital you’re fully aware of what marketing activities work and which don’t.

That’s where Frederick’s performance dashboard can come in to help you out!

marketing activities

Frederick does so much more than just automate all of your email marketing and text message marketing for you. It also compiles all marketing activities and records the performances in one easy to read format.

With Frederick’s performance dashboard aspects which you may not have been able to see before stand out in plain sight. You can easily keep track of marketing activities such as:

   marketing activites

1). Email Opens - Frederick will let you know exactly how many of the emails you’ve been sending throughout the month have actually been opened.

The Takeaway - You can use this information to adjust who you’re actually sending too, or to change the subject line and try to make it more enticing.


2). Email Interactions - Opening your email is half the battle. The other half is getting customers to act on what you’re asking of them — whether that be to book an appointment, use a discount, whatever. Frederick’s performance dashboard highlights how many individuals actually followed the call-to-action within your opened emails.

The Takeaway - This helps you identify if the contents of your actual email should be altered or not. If you have low email interactions this tells you that either the receivers, contents of the email, and/or call-to-action should be changed.


3). Tracked Calls - If you prefer clients to call in for certain bookings and want to promote the action of calling you in a text or email campaign, Frederick tracks the success of this too. Frederick gives owners a unique number to use within their email or text campaigns so they can attribute exactly how many people listened to your email or text.

The Takeaway - This can help you identify if having customers call through the phone is still a viable option for your business.

   marketing activities

4).Text Msg Interactions - Just like with email, Frederick can also track the interactions you experience in your text message send outs. Frederick’s performance dashboard gives you the ability to see if the customers who receive your messages are actually following the actions you're bringing to their attention.

The Takeaway - Similar to your email interactions, this helps you identify if the contents or offer of your actual message should be altered or not.

Frederick’s performance dashboard not only shows you which marketing activities are working, but it also works to really quantify all the benefits for you. Yes, it’s important to see if your email campaigns are working, but what does that mean for you if it is? Many marketing softwares fall short in connecting the dots between your marketing activities and the money you’re bringing in through them. Frederick works to bridge that gap.


With Frederick’s performance dashboard you’ll have visibility on easy to understand metrics such as:


5). New Appointments: With Frederick's performance dashboard you can actually see exactly how many new appointments you’ve brought in through your email or text campaigns.

6). Estimated Revenue: Frederick goes even deeper than just showing you how many appointments have been booked. It even shows you how much revenue has actually been generated through your campaigns.

7). Rescued Clients: Promoting repeat business is a goal for many local businesses, but at the same time it’s a goal many aren’t 100% sure if they’re actually achieving or not. Frederick works to squash the uncertainty by highlighting the amount of repeat business which has been attributed through your email and text communications.

8). New Text Opt-ins: Frederick’s performance dashboard even keeps tally of how many customers sign up for your promotional offers.


Marveled by the in depth insights Frederick’s performance dashboard gives you? Ready to start making more out of your marketing activities? Well, you can try Frederick out... for free!

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