No-Shows Plaguing You? How To Fill Those Last Minute Openings

No-shows. We all hate no-shows. In any context, no-shows aren’t ever a positive thing. On a date? Terrible. At an appointment? The worst.

So—what’s a small business owner to do with one a no-show of her own? With last-minute openings, you’re missing out on more than just the revenue you would be generating with the service that was booked. Calculate just how much you’re missing out here.

So now that you’ve calculated the true value of every missed appointment. It’s time to combat that with some surefire ways to fill them, even when they’re last minute.

Let’s break down a couple different methods for filling in those last minute openings:

Email Your Customers

Leverage the power of your existing customer base. Tap into your most loyal customers and shoot out an email, just letting them know you’ve got available appointments and you’re offering them as a special deal! Enticing your customers with good specials and fire sale deals can help to motivate them to book with you, even if when it’s so last minute. 

All you need to do is include messaging in your subject line and offer a link to book in the body of the email. Once you’ve reduced all barriers to scheduling an appointment, you’ll see the ease at which you could fill in those last minute openings that have been plaguing your business.

Need an example?


Body: We’ve got an opening at 4pm today! If you book with us now, we’ll throw in a free product of your choosing with your service! – Book here!”

Text Your Customers

How about taking advantage of the (roughly) 3.5 billion text messages sent and received by consumers on a daily basis? Businesses, small and large, have started to bank on the popularity of text messaging and have turned it into a lucrative marketing strategy. There are many reasons text messaging is so effective when it comes to communicating with your customers, but the one that we’re focusing on is the power of using it to fill in those last minute openings. With the highest open rates compared to any other form of communication, text messaging offers a great vehicle for getting a quick communication out the door.

“We’ve got a last minute opening available! 25% off if you’re looking to book your appointment with us!”

“Got a free hour this afternoon? Come by our store and enjoy a discounted service!”

We’ll leave the messaging to you, but do you see how effective this could really be?

So what do you think? Care to give these methods a shot when it comes to fixing up those no-shows?

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