Salon Client Retention: Keep Your Customers Coming Back

salon client retention

We’ve been talking about the booking opportunities that lie in the younger client base, more specifically, students getting ready for their school portraits. We’ve all been there; we’ve all experienced the trauma of bad school pictures, forever imprinted in yearbooks. We look back at them now, but always wish we’d done a little more to look our best.

In the world of Facebook and Instagram, the way one looks is more important than ever. This is where you and your salon come in. Now that you’ve attracted these new, younger, clients to your salon, given them their treatments, cuts, and styles, what’s next?

This is where you start implementing your salon client retention tactics because you really don’t want those new customers to be one-timers. You want them to become loyal, and you want them to bring their friends.

With an automated marketing solution, you’ll be able to seamless bring these clients back to your salon, almost without having to lift a finger.

Using a three-pronged approach, you’ll easily be able to bring your clients back by

  1. Reminding Clients to Book Again – After the initial dust has settled after the school portraits are done, you’ll want to remind these clients to come back to your salon for a little spruce up. If you’ve got high school students coming by, you might want to keep them in mind for your prom and graduation promotions. You want to remind them to book again with YOUR salon. With an automated marketing solution, these reminders will be texted directly to your clients, taking away all barriers to rebook.
  2. Rescuing Lost Customers  - For the clients that visited once and never came back again; you can shoot our targeted promotions to entice them to book again at your salon. Homecoming coming up? Come back to your salon with a special for students. Need to get your hair ready for spring break? Make sure your salon is their go-to destination with special promotions directed to them.
  3. Promoting Packages and Memberships – Using your automated marketing solution, you’ll be able to promote packages and memberships to the right clients at the right time. How? Through the power of drip campaigns, you’ll slowly convince these clients to come back to your salon for the treatments, styles, and haircuts they didn’t even realize they needed.

So, now that you’ve figured out how to bring your one-time clients back again. How can you expand your reach? Through the use of smart word-of-mouth marketing, you can transform your clients into your own personal brand ambassadors and encourage them to leave you online reviews, website testimonials, and even refer friends and family to come book at your salon.

Using a solution like Frederick, you’ll become more searchable on review sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook by helping you compile more reviews, automatically. And with the younger generation using their smart phones and online research more than ever, this is not something to just shrug at. The genuine reviews left for your salon on these online review sites are more valuable than any advertisement you could be spending a mint on.

More than just leaving reviews, your happiest customers are also the ones that are most likely to bring you referrals. Without having to deal with personally, Frederick automatically encourages your existing customers to refer their friends and family and generally spread the word about your salon. With automated messaging that promotes your referral program to clients, you’ll be able to set up tracking and rewards to make sure they’re willing to do their part in bringing in more business.

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve got shaggy students to fix up and turn into loyal customers! 

salon client retention

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