SMB Showdown: Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation

So have you mastered your email marketing? From building your email lists to creating your email campaigns to measuring your results – how does your email marketing strategy stack up?

Maybe you’ve built your lists but then…

There may have been a slight drop-off in activity…

Is this the part where we’re supposed to lecture you on making sure that you’re keeping up with your email marketing because that’s the only way you’ll be able to maintain the growth of your business?

We won’t be doing that.

Instead, I’m going to just take a minute and introduce you to the power behind marketing automation. Where you’ve got to worry about manually putting together your emails, import your contacts, and track whether they’re reading or not reading your emails – automated marketing takes care of that for you. With all of those functions automated for you, the opportunity for growth becomes a lot easier to attain.  

We’re going to let you in on our little secret and show you how marketing automation trumps simple email marketing and is truly the business superpower you might have been searching for this entire time. Especially when you’re looking to grow and maybe beat out your competition…?

Marketing Automation Superpower #1

Rescuing Lost Clients

If you’ve got a management system in place (which I knew you all do because, let’s be real, it’s 2016 and you’re busy), you can just connect your appointment book and let your marketing automation do the rest. Yep. All you have to do is sit back and watch as your appointment book gets analyzed and then once those customers who haven’t been back are identified – an automated message will be sent out to them reminding them to book again

Marketing Automation Superpower #2

Reminding Clients to Book Again

Instead of looking back at your appointment book and manually figuring out which customers of yours are in need of booking again, how about an automated, and personalized way to send these reminders out? I’m going to just let you sit and think about how awesome, and time-saving, that is.

Marketing Automation Superpower #3

Text Appointment Reminders

This is a big one. This is something we’ve been really preaching lately – the importance of text message marketing.  It’s got the highest open rates, concise messaging, and an effective way to advertise your specials and promotions. It’s the next huge frontier in marketing, and your simple email marketing just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Have we missed anything? Think your email marketing is still your best bet? Leave us a comment below and let us know! 

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