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In our last post, we stressed the importance of email marketing for your spa. In case you forgot, email is one of the most effective forms of marketing for any business and the savviest businesses have already embraced it.  

So, when employing email marketing for your spa, we shared some best practices. However, one huge tool we neglected to share with you was the use of an automated marketing tool. We understand that one of the biggest concerns for someone running a spa is the complete lack of time they struggle with on a daily basis. From managing clients, employees, and everything in between, tasks such as marketing take a back seat (or not seat at all!). Email marketing easily falls into that category. 

So this is where we introduce you to the wonders of automated marketing -- the single solution to keeping your clients coming back to your business and helping in the growth of your small business. 

With an automated marketing solution, you’ll be able to sync up your management system (including all of those handy customer profiles) and pretty much just set it and forget it. Using an automated marketing solution (kind of like this guy!), you’ll combat your marketing the following three ways: 

Rescue Lost Clients
With an automated marketing solution, like Frederick, all of the clients whom you haven’t seen in awhile will be automatically identified and highly targeted offers will be sent out to them. Of course you would have full control over who gets what and what “awhile” means but regardless of what you set, Frederick is designed to keep your long lost clients engaged and loyal. 

Remind Clients to Book Again
What about the clients that booked a single massage at your spa? Frederick will automatically send them a follow up message reminding them to book again. Don’t worry-- this isn’t just a generic email. With Frederick, all your email messages are personalized for each of your clients.

Text and Email Appointment Reminders
Ever worry about the clients that forgot about their appointments? Frederick has got that handled. Frederick targets clients with upcoming appointments and sends them email or text (if they opted in for it) reminders. All the client has to do is easily confirm the appointment with a simple click of their mouse, or finger! 

We get it, the words “email marketing strategy” aren’t really pertinent to the core of your business. Reap all the benefits of a well thought out email marketing strategy with the use of an automated marketing solution! 

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