Spa Packages: 3 Reasons The More On Your Menu The Better

spa packages

For many local spa owners, sometimes finalizing your spa menu can be somewhat of a difficult procedure. Your thought process probably ends up sounding a lot like this:

Every spa offers massages and facials. What’s going to make me stand out? Am I offering a good enough variety? Am I using the best ingredients for the season? Are the services I’m offering going to highlight the products I’m selling?

There are SO many things to contemplate when creating a new or revamping an old menu. However, the one thing all local spa owners really need to be thinking of when crafting their menus is packages. Spa packages really work to spice up your menu among all the single services you offer. Bottom line here is typically the more packages = the better. Don’t believe me? Check out the 3 biggest reasons why your menu needs more spa packages on it.

1. Great Way to Test Out New Services

You have extremely popular services and then you have… well… less popular services. And that’s okay, every spa does! However, most of the time you’re less popular services are one’s that you have recently introduced to your menu. It makes complete sense. They’re new. There are zero or very few reviews or feedback to let clients know it’s a good one to try. So, even though you know that everyone would love the new service you just put on menu, your clients may not.

If you’re looking for a sure fire way to introduce newer, less popular services to your customers — think spa packages. Here’s what you do: take a few services you offer that typically perform well. So, in this example let’s say your 50-minute swedish massage is one of your most popular services. Definitely still offer it as a single service; however, also place it in a package with some newer or less popular services like let’s say a new peel or body wrap. This way the allure of your popular service can work to pull clients into giving your package a try with your newer, less popular service(s).

2. Better Value for You / Better Value for Customer

a) Win for Spa Owners: First consider your profit margins. Take a popular treatment and combine it with one or two services (like we previously discussed) that are higher-margin but probably not booked as often. Then you can take this newer variation and give it a special sort of theme. Use this theme for tweaking services and justifying slightly elevated pricing.

Regular Ritual

  • Swedish Massage - 50 minutes - $85
  • Sugar Scrub - 30 minutes - $65
  • Body Wrap - 30 minutes - $45

Total $195 / 2 hours

Fall Renewal Ritual

  • Swedish Massage - 50 minutes - $85
  • Milk + Honey Body Treatment - 30 minutes - $90
  • Hydrating Silk Wrap - 30 minutes - $66
  • Aromatherapy Scalp Massage (value-add)

Total $241 / 2 hours

The “Fall Renewal Ritual” takes no more time than the regular, and works to bring you in a little more profit.

b) Win for Clients: Paying clients LOVE free things. So, even though you’re adding in a quick, easy to perform service which will still allow you to make an overall surplus all your clients will see is FREE.  

3. Better Presentation

Up until now we’ve only discussed service based spa packages. However, if you're like most local spas you also make a decent amount of your profits through retail. Just as with service packages, product packages can also be extremely beneficial for you to promote because they…

a) Allow you to test new products

b) Provide you and your customers with a higher value

However, they also lend themselves for a more enticing visual pull than single sold products do… if you present them the right way! Think about it: what would catch your attention? A bottle of shampoo standing among a sea of other ones. Or a basketed assortment of hair products, skin treatments, and cosmetics all bundled together with an elegant decorative touch? I’m going to say it’s a safe bet you went with the latter.

Putting in the extra time to bundle and decorate your retail items is 100% worth it. For starters: they are the ideal ‘gift givers.’ Half the battle of finding the right gift is having to wrap it. Your product bundles have already done that for your clients. Secondly, by putting in a little extra time to decorate your spa packages, it gives you the justification to charge a little more than you would if you sold all the items singularly. In short: product spa packages have the potential to sell faster and make you a little extra revenue too.

Are you ready to add more spa packages to your menu? See how Frederick can help you with managing and promoting them all! 

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