Spring Cleaning Time: Clean Up Your Small Business this Spring

The frost is finally starting to recede, the breeze has a slightly warmer touch to it, and the sun is finally shining a little later in the day - spring is finally in the air. The spring season acts as a time of rebirth, not just for nature, but also for your small business.

Let’s really get into the season and follow one of it’s truest, and oldest traditions - spring cleaning! Not for your messy countertops, or drawers, but for your small business. The spring season presents small businesses the perfect opportunity to shake any bad habits and clean up their act. So, let’s take it step-by-step, and get you and your business cleaned up this spring. Below is a simple, three-step, clean-up process for erasing empty slots in your calendar and capitalizing on any missed opportunities that may arise spring.

Step 1 - New Season New Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

Winter weather can sometimes put a freeze on a lot of small businesses. Consumers want to hide under the blankets and never leave the warmth of their homes. In fact, some small businesses experience around a 10% decrease in profits during the winter months.

Your first step for shaking that winter cold snap is by really capitalizing on every transaction as consumers wake from their hibernation and start returning to your business. So, make every customer count. Any customers that enter your shop be sure to capture their email and/or phone number.

Tailor this in a clever way. Don’t just ask. Make it feel like they get something special out of giving you this information. Something along the lines of “Would you like to provide us with your email address or phone number so we can notify you of any upcoming special offers?” It’s vital you capture this information while things are busy, so you’ll still have access to these customers if things ever slow down again.

Step 2 - Clean Up that Calendar - No More Empty Slots in Your Schedule

They throw off your schedule, they waste your time, and they cause a loss in revenue - that’s right, we’re talking empty calendar slots. We all know that an empty calendar slot means missed revenue so let’s say goodbye to them this spring… or at the very least be ready to combat them!

Don’t let last minute appointment changes or cancellations eat into your small business’ profits any longer. Consider automated marketing. Ideally, you want automated messaging that can quickly notify customers you haven’t seen in a while of last minute openings, prompting them to fill in any empty slots. If you can quickly get the word out about last minute openings, you’ve got a good chance of another customer filling the space.

Step 3 - Keep High Profits Rolling All Year Round: Getting Customers to Come Back

If things ever start to slow down at your small business and you’ve been proactively capturing email addresses and phone numbers - the power to fix the problem is in your hands! Start reaching out to these customers and encourage them to come back. Let them know you miss them, promote specials - whatever the message, just get the conversation going.

It’s great that you’ve captured all these email addresses and/or numbers, but you may find it a little time consuming to individually send out all these emails, calls, or texts. Don’t let “lack of time” deter you, because that can be easily fixed. Consider looking into automated marketing that can do all that for you. Just set it and forget it. The right automated marketing solution should be able to access your clients contact info and automatically send all the communications you designate - no more calling clients, no more writing emails.

Ready to give smart marketing a try at your business? Get started for free today! No credit card required.

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