How Oak Haven Massage Uses Frederick with MINDBODY to Increase Revenue


With two locations, 160 employees and about 11,000 monthly sessions, Oak Haven Massage in Texas needed a way to fill last-minute openings and the rare slow day without putting an extra burden on their already busy front desk staff — or their marketing budget. 

“We are generally a very busy business, but we have periods of time where we have last minute openings or a quiet day and we wanted to find a solution to help keep our therapists busy, in a consistent way,” says Allison Moreno, owner of Oak Haven Massage. “If we do not maximize our schedule in an efficient way it means lost dollars in revenue. For our business, once our fixed expenses are paid for, our profit is dramatically increased by filling up our schedule. Those missed appointments that go unfilled directly affect our bottom line.”


As a MINDBODY user, Moreno says it was a must that Frederick integrate seamlessly with their current booking software, and that the way the programs work together has allowed the staff to get back to what they’re best at — taking care of the customer.

“By having a seamless integration, the customer never knows that they are booking through a third party site, which  was really important to us. The biggest thing that it does, is remove the front desk from having to do any additional steps, which allows them to focus on the most important part of their job: the customers,” she says.

In the past, Oak Haven has seen success with reactivation campaigns, but they needed a solution that allowed them to bring customers in during non-peak times, Moreno says.

“Frederick allows you to step on the gas in very specific intervals. We know our business and we know our schedule and the way it flows and Frederick allows us to increase volume on specific days, with specific therapists at specific times, to specific people. The number of settings we can use to determine when discounts go out is incredible.”


Thanks to the Frederick and MINDBODY integration, Oak Haven Massage is now able to market 24/7 to targeted customers with targeted appointment times, bringing back lost customers and lost revenue.

“Our competitors don’t have a full time person calling people and inviting them to come in at a discounted rate for a specific time and filling the schedule while everyone else is sleeping,” Moreno says. “We’ve been able to reactivate clients that we probably would have never recovered because of the specific targeting that Frederick does. The more obvious benefit is the increase to revenue and appointment bookings. The numbers speak for themselves. Frederick has had a huge impact to our business with little effort. The monthly cost we pay is not only extremely reasonable, but pays for itself time and time again.” 

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