Text Message Marketing: 4 Example Texts for Local Business Owners

text message marketing

Earlier this week we introduced you to a fairly new phenomenon sweeping across the small business world called — text message marketing. As we explained in our prior post, text message is one of the best ways (if not THE best way) for small businesses to communicate with their customers for the following reasons:

a) Short/Effective Messaging

b) Highest Open Rates

c) Best Way to Spread the Word on Promotions

Now, last time we explained why text message marketing is important for small businesses, but this week we’re going to get a little more practical. In this post we’re going to give you examples of text messages that you can automate and use at your business to bring customers to your doors. By "automate" we mean have prepared, standard texts that you can send out in a jiffy. The right automated marketing solution should have a bunch of automated texts for you to choose from. That's right, that means there's absolutely 0 writing involved on your end. Can't really beat that! So, let’s get to it!

Here are 4 examples of text message marketing for your small business to use.

1. Last-Minute Opening Texts

text message marketing

No-shows are the worst. Everyone hates them. On a date? Awful. For an appointment at your business? Equally tragic. When customers don’t show up and don’t give you enough time to fill their spot, that costs your business money. And as we’ve discussed, the money your business loses on empty gaps in schedule can really add up - sad but true.

If you feel like your business is being plagued by no-shows a little text message marketing could be your saving grace. Send out “last-minute opening” texts to your customer base. This gives you the opportunity to quickly notify customers of any openings in your schedule and give them the chance to fill that spot up. Get the message out there quickly, and fill up that gap with equal speed.

2. Appointment Reminder Texts 

text message marketing

Last-minute openings are your reactive tactic to filling gaps in your schedule. Appointment reminder texts are more so your preemptive strike. By sending your clients a reminder text prior to their appointment, you’re drastically helping to reduce the chances of them forgetting to show. Subsequently, at the very least, you’re increasing the chances of them letting you know that they can’t make it. This gives you more time for your “last-minute opening” texts to work their magic.

3. Specials and Promotions Opt-In Texts

text message marketing

You spend a lot of time crafting specials and promotions at your business. You put the time in to make them compelling for both existing and new, potential customers. Once your promotion starts you’re ready for the customers to start pouring in; however, have you ever found yourself sometimes sitting there like - okay, my awesome promotion started… so, where is everyone!?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Creating awesome, alluring specials and promotions is the first-step. Getting the word out there to customers is the second-step that so many local businesses overlook.

Text message marketing can drastically help your business effectively get the word out about new and ongoing promotions. Remember: 99 percent of text messages sent by business are opened by consumers. So, next time you’ve got a killer promotion at your business consider sending out an “opt-in text.” Make customers aware of your promotion and give them the option jump in while it’s hot!

4. Thank You Texts

text message marketing

“Please” and “thank you” should be a major part of everyone’s vocabulary. Aside from the fact it’s just plain polite, sometimes it can actually help you generate more business. Always, always, always follow up with customers after their appointments. Try and make it a common practice to send customers a  “thank you” text messages after each visit to your business. Sending “thank you” text messages are a great way for local business to:

A) Generate repeat customers

B) Promote positive customer reviews

C) Reemphasize your business actually cares

For local businesses, a small “thank you” can sometimes go a long way. In addition to that it can open up the conversation for you to acquire some valuable customer feedback. Customer feedback can help you identify what you're doing right and what you might need to improve on in order to make your business the best it can be. 


Want your own automated text message marketing templates? See how Frederick can help your business get started for free!

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