Text Message Marketing: Fix Your Business’ Slow Summer Months

text message marketing

Last week we talked all about the tumultuous relationship between local business owners and the summertime months. Yes, typically everyone loves the summer, but although the weather outside is heating up, many small business owners can witness a freeze in their profits. We know all the reasons why the summertime brings with it a slowdown, but now it’s time to actually start fixing those summertime blues.

The solution your local business needs? Text message marketing! Here are the 3 biggest reasons text message marketing can help you heat things up at your local business this summer.

Reason #1: Highest Open Rates

As we’ve previously discussed, the bulk of your customers are going to be tough to get a hold of. They’re going to be flying off to exotic vacations, laying out on the beach, enjoying a walk in the park, etc. However, regardless of where they are there is always one thing they will always have on their person - their cell phone. That’s why text message marketing is the ONLY dependable way to communicate with your customers during the summer.

Yes, most people have email on their phone too, but email feels like work. Most people won’t check that on vacation. However, everyone checks their texts. People are just compelled to. According to a study conducted by Business2Community 99 percent of text messages sent are opened by consumers. So, if business is slow for you during the summer use text message marketing to reconnect with customers and get the conversation between them and your business going again.

Reason #2: Short, Effective Marketing

Let’s keep this point short. With text message marketing your messaging is somewhat limited in length. Now, this may seem like a negative, but during the summer less is always more. During the summer, your customers will spend about 30 seconds reading something sent from your business… at most. They’re preoccupied with enjoying summer fun.

Text message marketing forces your small business to communicate in a concise, to the point manner - the exact type of messaging your customers will prefer.  

Reason #3: Best Way to Advertise Summer Specials

All the trips and outings your customers will be planning for the summer are certainly not cheap. The majority of their budget will be going toward vacation time. With that being said, it’s more important than ever to create and promote exceptional special offers. In order to motivate customers, you’ve got to make them really feel the savings. As we’ve discussed though, it’s not going to be easy to get your promotions in front of customers...

That’s where your text message marketing will come in. Not only does text message marketing hold the highest open rates, but it also has been found to hold the highest click-through-rates too. The chance of any links being clicked with text message marketing is about 36 percent. Though at a first glance 36 percent may not seem super impressive, when compared to the average email click-through-rate of 6-7 percent, that number is actually rather staggering.

Text message marketing acts as the best opportunity for your small business to push special summer offers. Use text messaging to keep customers aware of all the great savings going on at your business.


Excited to start up text message marketing at your business this summer? See how Frederick can help!

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