The Importance of Automotive Marketing [Podcast]

automotive marketing

This podcast originally appeared on Remarkable Results Radio Podcast, by Carm Capriotto. Remarkable Results Radio showcases aftermarket success stories from automotive service professionals and thought leaders that will help all players grasp an  idea, affirm their strategies or make important changes to improve their business.

Dave Erb is a passionate marketer and former auto shop owner who understands the importance of automotive marketing and creating a positive online presence. In this podcast you will hear Dave share facts on your Google placement, how people know you exist, a great Yelp strategy, and where to spend money on new customer acquisition.

Dave also offers up his take on the value of recording inbound and outbound calls, his favorite loyalty reward program and what he is now doing with Hire Frederick that makes him so excited.

Listen now to hear why Dave is such a huge believer in the power of technology that bridges intuitive intelligent algorithms that drive new business into your bays.


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