The Power Behind Our Mobile and Text Enhancements

Did you know that Frederick's cutting edge infrastructure and automated testing allows us to release updates multiple times per week?

Here's a recap of what's new since last week:

Mobile Site Improvements

Over half of Frederick's traffic comes from mobile devices, so we regularly test and update the experience to ensure it works perfectly across devices. This update focused on the mobile redemption / online booking experience.

  • Fill Slow Day and Fill Last Minute Openings campaigns now take users directly to available openings that apply to their offer. This has increased conversion for our customers!
  • We now constantly keep our system updated with what services have openings and which ones don't. We no longer display services which cannot be booked through Frederick. This has also increased conversion for our customers!
  • We've improved our loading indicators and reduced load times while searching for openings.

Text-Message Features - Enhanced!

Phone-Number Only Contacts
A lot of businesses collect phone numbers but not email addresses from many clients. When we first released Text-message Appointment Reminders, we heard from people right away that Frederick was only sending reminders to contacts with both an email address and phone number. Not anymore!

If you've enabled Text messages, we will now recognize and send reminders to all contacts, even if you don't yet have their email on file.

Automatic Text Reminders for Google Events
We're really excited about this improvement for users of Frederick for Google Calendar! Once you enable text-message appointment reminders, just add your client's phone number to the event title or description and Frederick will sniff it out and automatically send text reminders.

This feature also works with email addresses! If you have your client's email address, add it somewhere in the event and Frederick will ensure they get added to your Smart Marketing contact list.

Easily Unsubscribe Contacts from Text Messages
In addition to clients being able to reply STOP to unsubscribe from texts, you can now unsubscribe them yourself from Frederick's Contacts feature. Just search for them, select them, and choose Text Message Unsubscribe.



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