When it Comes to Your Small Business, Be an Olympic Champion

Much like the United States Olympic Team, we know that you’re looking to beat out all your competitors. Now that your summer is finally winding down, you’ve got to get back into the game and ensure that you’re doing everything possible to keep your customers coming back to your business.

So, what does being a small business owner have to do with being an Olympic competitor? It’s all about the work and passion that you put into your daily work and becoming the success you’ve always wanted to be.

This post by Live Science, outlined 7 Olympic secrets to success that can be applied to all aspects of life, especially those that deal with the daily grind of running their own business. Below we’ll go through our own version of how you can achieve the proverbial Gold medal and be the best local business around – competitors, beware!

1. Understanding when it’s time for a change – We know you’ve established your very strict process of operating your business. It’s the only thing that keeps your from falling behind and losing all semblance of order. However, if you haven’t yet hopped on the social media train, you’re in for a rude awakening. 78% of small businesses now report at least a quarter (25%!) of their new customers have been acquired via social media. Rest assured, your competitors have noticed this trend and capitalizing on it. With social media you’ll be able to engage better with your customers, showcase your business expertise, highlight all your promotions and social, all while allowing for your customers to book appointments straight through their social platforms.

2. Getting your name out there – Phone books are clunky, old, dusty, and we’re not even sure they still make them. Get your name out there using online directories. We’re talking Google. We’re talking Yelp. 88% of customers are busy looking at online reviews before they’re taking the time to step into your business, it’s a no-brainer that you’ve got to get your name out there. It takes 20 minutes to set up and is a fairly painless process. Here are our handy little guides for Google and Yelp, check it out!

3. Learning that options aren’t just convenient for you – These days, it’s all about catering to your customer’s convenience. From being able to accept different forms of payments to being bookable through various platforms. Gone are the days where cash-paying customers are willing to pick up the phone and call in an appointment. If you’ve got an online booking system, your clients will have the option to book after your operating hours when they’re also home from work. This opens the doors for increase bookings and show your customers that you care for their convenience. Just think of Sally. She came home from a hard day’s work and realized she needed to get a hair cut, badly. She looked up your business online and found that you were already closed. But, aha! She found the nifty little “Book Now” button next to your online listing, and was able to book an appointment for later that week. No fuss, no muss.

4. Establishing a routine – What do we me mean when we say establish a routine. Obviously, as stated before, you’ve got your routine down, pat. We’re actually referring to your marketing efforts. If you’re promoting your business using email and social, you need to make sure you’re being consistent and you’re keeping your customers fully engaged. You don’t want to them to walk into your business for the first time, only to never return. It’s your returning customers that spend the most money (about 67% more than the new ones!) and it’s the return customers that will be the ones to share their experience with your business with their family and friends.

5. Knowing your weaknesses – When you’re running a small business, like a salon or an auto shop, your strengths lie in offering the best possible services, interacting with your customers, and running your business. A Marketer, you are not. Discovering the benefits of automated marketing can take the entire “marketing” aspect off your hands so you can be free to do what you first set out to do when you opened the doors of your local business.

6. Embracing Your Feedback – Feedback isn’t something you should ever be afraid of. When running a business, it’s important to use your positive and negative feedback as a way to bolster your online reputation. When a prospective customer sees a positive online review, they’re more likely to trust those words over any kind of advertisement they see. Turn your feedback into gold!

So, have we given you the tools and tips you need to go for the Olympic Gold this season? Comment below on some of the rules you live by!  


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