Who to Upsell to? 3 Traits of the Perfect Customer

When it comes to running your small business we get that your number one focus is on delivering the best possible experience to your customers. You want them to be at ease, you want them to be relaxed, and above all else - you want them to enjoy doing business with you. That’s why so many small business owners are so uncomfortable upselling additional products or services to their customers.

Most likely you feel upselling to your customers is a little uncomfortable and pushy. You never want to be too sales-y or come off like a salesperson. We get that! In some instances, with certain customers, your gut instinct is correct; however there are other situations where you couldn’t be more off. What’s key is recognizing the difference. For some customers pitching an upsell works to form a deeper bond with that customer and create a more meaningful customer experience… beyond the potential putting a little extra cash in your pocket ;)

Here are the 3 tell-tale signs of the perfect customer to upsell--

1. Upsell to Customers Who Referred a Friend

If a customer refers a friend that’s your greenlight for an upsell. These customers -  they trust you, they trust your business and the quality of service you provide. The fact that they are willing to share with your business something they highly value, a friend, greatly attests to this. So, they’re going to view an upsell as an honest recommendation (which I’m sure it is) as a means of you attempting to improve the quality of their experience.

2. Upsell to Customers Who Have Written Positive Reviews

Customers who write and post positive online reviews are essentially free promoters for your small business. If they are motivated enough to write reviews about your business, when it comes to an upsell, think of it this way: they’d be totally into hearing about other, new, different services or products at your business. These customers can’t get enough of your business, so your upsell helps provide them with a more meaningful customer experience. They won’t see this as a pushy sales pitch, but instead as you letting them know about new opportunities they may enjoy. They’re curious, so fill them in!

3. Upsell to Customers with a Trackable Payment History

This one may seem slightly unorthodox at a first glance, but it’s actually a pretty solid indicator which can be used for pinpointing the best customers for you to upsell to. Hopefully your point of sale is integrated to some sort of management platform and allows you to easily access customer payment history. If you have access to this vital information you can use this to determine who’s a key customer to pitch an upsell. If you know the typical spending amount of a given customer and notice they are well below on a certain transaction you’ll be aware that upselling something else won’t be blowing their budget. Additionally, if you know what services/products they typically purchase you’ll have a better idea of what to actually upsell to them.


If you take the time to distinguish who are the right and wrong customers to upsell to you’ll quickly see how it can deepen the bonds with your customers and put some money in your pocket.

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